Kenmore 69913 Energy Star® Stainless Top-Freezer Refrigerator 19 cu ft

3 Color Options : In-Dooor Cooling : Slide-Away Shelf

The Kenmore 69913 Top-Freezer Refrigerator is made in Stainless Steel with an overall capacity of 19 cu ft. It is a fairly basic model but has all the really important features that make owning a refrigerator so much easier – such as Spill-Proof shelves, a Slide-Away shelf, Direct-Door Cooling and Humidity-Controlled Crisper bins.

    Interior Features

  • The Energy Star label indicates that this refrigerator is a very ENERGY EFFICIENT and cost effective appliance, reducing your running costs of your Kenmore 6991 by up to 20%. It had the added advantage of being environmentally friendly.
  • Four Adjustable Shelves, give a very good amount of storage capacity in the REFRIGERATOR section and one of these shelves is the advanced storage option Slide-Away Shelf.
  • One very useful and safer storage feature are the Direct-Door Cooling system that ensure that food and drink that is stored in the door is kept really cool – even when the door is frequently opened and shut.
  • Other storage features are the 3 Clean Adjustable Door Bins and an In-Door Beverage Rack and a Snack/Deli Drawer all contribute to the improved storage management of all your fresh produce, in carefully designed containers.
  • There is no more defrosting hassle with the Frost-Free defrost system in the FREEZER section of this unit – together with ice storage capacity.
  • The shelf in the freezer section is adjustable and though there is not removable floor tray, there are 2 door baskets for the CONVENIENT STORAGE and quick retrieval of your frozen produce.
  • A Digital Electronic Temperature Control is conveniently located in the inside of the cabinet – up-front for easy access. And there are SEVEN temperature options – ranging from 1 through to 7.

      Exterior Features

  • The Kenmore 6991 refrigerator is available in three great colors:- White (69912) Black (69919) and Stainless Steel (69913)
  • The model being reviewed is a Stainless Steel door, with monochromic cabinet sides and door handles.. The door is also has a gentle curve, reducing the square angular look of so many refrigerators.

      Dimension Specifications

  • Depth: 31 ¾ Inches
  • Height: 65 Inches
  • Width: 29 7/8 Inches
  • Total Volume: 19 cu. ft.
  • Refrigerator Section 13.7 cu ft
  • Freezer Sections 5.3 cu ft


  • It is never a problem to have taLL BOTTLES or other items with the Slide-Away Shelf – which quickly folds away to accommodate taller more difficult to store items.
  • It is an advantage having the Frost-Free DEFROST system – which takes all the problem of defrosting the freezer compartment.
  • What an advantage it is to have an Energy Star® compliant refrigerator as you know that there will up to 20% slashed off your electricity bills – as well owning contributing to an environmentally unit.
  • Spill-Proof shelves are becoming the norm and it is understandable as this feature certainly takes the hassle out of cleaning up any spilt-milk!


  • The cabinet and door handles on the Kenmore 66193 is made in MONOCHROMIC. This secondary grey color has caused some people a little disappointment, as they expected the entire cabinet and not just the doors to be Stainless
  • There is no AUTOMATIC ICE MAKER which is a shame.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Energy Star – economical
  • nice size for the smaller kitchen
  • stylish look with the curved door
  • great Slide-Away Shelf for taller items
  • in-door cans storage is great idea
  • easy to use controls
  • no defrost with Frost FreeCons
  • no interior light
  • difficult to put fridge magnets on the curved face
  • no automatic ice-maker