Kenmore 69972 Top-Freezer (19-cu-ft) White Refrigerator Energy Star®

Energy Star® – available in FOUR colors

Kenmore 69972 Top-Freezer Refrigerator is fashioned in white and is available in three further colors. At 19 cu ft this is an ideal size and capacity for the smaller family of the smaller kitchen unit.

With its Energy Star compliant status this model is assured of saving you up to 20% on your cold-storage bills as it is designed, in accordance with government requirements, to be energy efficient.

Spill-proof glass shelves, humidity, controlled crispers and snack /deli drawer are some of the main features that come with this appliance.

    Interior Features

  • This is an Energy Star compliant model which is energy efficient and it has standard lighting.
  • The REFRIGERATOR section has FOUR convenient , adjustable shelves, together with an In-Door Can Shelf to keep all your beverages ice-chilled and ready for consumption. The shelving is made of Spill-Proof Glass, which is designed to help in the quick and effortless cleaning up of the odd spillage.
  • There are two good-sized convenient Humidity-Controlled Crispers which are made in transparent plastic as well as a snack/deli drawer. Unlike the crisper the deli-drawer is not humidity controlled.
  • The Electronic Digital Controls have seven convenient temperature options and are positioned up-front in the interior of the refrigerator compartment.
  • The FREEZER section has Frost-Free defrost system which removed the necessity for regular defrosting of the freezer section and although there is no ice-maker there is a place for Ice-Storage.
  • There is also two fixed door bins and a fixed freezer floor.

      Exterior Features

  • The Kenmore 6997 refrigerator is available in four really great colors:- White (69972) Bisque (69974) Black (69979) and Ultra Satin (69976)
  • The doors on this model are slightly contoured to give a nice smooth, curved line and the handle is integrated into the main body of the cabinet. The white model being reviewed has not contrasting colors with the overall color being white, including the door handle.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth 31 ¾ Inches

    Height 65 Inches
    Width 29 7/8 Inches
    Total Volume 19 cu. Ft
    Refrigerator Section: 13.7 cu. ft.
    Freezer Section: 5.3 cu. ft.


  • The two humidity- controlled crispers are a great advantage as they are designed to keep fresh fruit, vegetables and salads so much fresher and crisper. Although not temperature controlled, the snack/deli drawers is very useful as it give the option of keeping a range of foods separated from other food-stuffs.
  • Spill-Save shelves enable you to clean up those little drips and spills much more easily as it is contained on one shelf, rather than dripping down and spoiling other foodstuffs.
  • Knowing that the appliance is Energy Star qualified – you may be sure that you energy bills will be significantly less that a conventional tip Freezer – up to 20% can be saved from your houseful bills.
  • Most customers have found this to be a fairly quiet refrigerator – although one or two customers have complained that their own refrigerator made some irritating compressor noises.


  • The door on this model is slightly curved – but for those that like to have masses of fridge magnets in the doors of their refrigerator-freezer, this is a problem, as it lessens the magnetic qualities.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


    • nice looking, sleek and sheer finish
    • nice removable glass shelves and
    • roomy crisper drawers
    • good-size freezer
    • good overall size
    • good model for smaller kitchen
    • reversible door
    • nicely laid out interior
    • good size if space is limited
    • liked separate sections eg dile-drawer
    • can storage useful
    • good value
    • wel configured appliance
    • quiet operation .Cons
    • some compressor noise
    • less magnetic door because it is contoured
    • freezer door opens when fridge door is closed
    • pity there are no door handles
    • light is in bad position
    • no advanced cooling system
    • no air filtration