Kenmore ‘Coldspot’ Side-by-Side Dispensing Refrigerator

I was looking for a refrigerator that had a water filter built into it, and this was the only one I could find in our budget.

It is pretty roomy with adjustable shelves that slide out and are made of glass, which is easy to clean. There are two bins on the bottom for storing fruits and vegetable and one smaller bin for snacks. Each bin has humidity control, which I have never used or really understood.

The water is filtered and there is a light which tells you when the filter needs replacement. The filter is very easy to change. The water dispenser is inside the refrigerator and you push your glass against a button. I love the filtered water feature (the water tastes great!) but the water runs very slowly and it is a little frustrating.

I also love the ice maker, which uses the same filter water. The sliding shelves are also great when you need to find that jar of pickles that got pushed to the back, but sometimes things fall behind, which is annoying.

The freezer is roomer and the ice maker is efficient.

– the spacious freezer, the filtered water (even if it is slow)and all the room on the inside of the door for all my hundreds of condiments.

– the slowness of the water and how difficult it is to adjust the shelves.