Kenmore ELITE 45429 Side-by-Side Black Refrigerator PuR® Ultimate II Water-Filtration 23.1 cu ft

Energy Star® – Advances Acceler-Ice – 3 Color Choices

There are so many excellent features on this Energy Star compliant, Counter- Depth refrigerator. Although it is a little smaller that some to the larger models which have a wider range of features – although this refrigerator is only 22.1 cu ft – it is jam-packed with many innovative and exciting features.
This is an ideal refrigerator – and for the smaller family that wants a really sophisticated refrigerator, this model is really worth considering.

    Interior Features

  • There are many convenient and well designed features – such as the 4 ADJUSTABLE Refrigerator Shelves and 3 Adjustable DOOR BINS.
  • Another great feature is the humidity-controlled Fresh-n-Ready crisper bin, which has the special HUMIDITY-controlled protection.
  • The increasingly popular SpillSave SHELVES are make of glass, which enables you to easily and quickly clean up little spillages and sticky residue very easily.
  • The FREEZER compartment is very SPACIOUS, having 3 slide out baskets, which enable you to see everything that is stored in your freezer at a glance as well. It also has a useful in-door a wire basket.
  • The thru-the-door water and ICE DISPENSER gives you an ongoing suppy of ice cold filtered water with a choice of crushed or cubed ice- together with the PuR Ultimate II WATER FILTRATION system.
  • The Acceler-Ice feature is a wonderful advantage for those times when you need an extra supply of ice, making up to 20% faster ice-making than a conventional ice-maker
  • Other good features of the Kenmore Elite 45429 are the ENHANCED LIGHTING which give excellent visibility throughout the unit, a snack/deli drawer and a TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED Meat/Vegetables Container.

      Exterior Features

  • The ELECTRONIC CONTROLS give you finger-tip control over the temperature setting on your refrigerator, and being positioned on the outside of the unit.
  • There is an exterior WATER FILTER located in the base-grille, with a useful water filter indicator to indicate the need for a change of filter.
  • This very stylish looking Elite refrigerator has flat angular lines with a stunning, smooth black finish. There is no contrasting color except for the great looking blue LED display system.
  • The Kenmore 4542is available in THREE great colors:-
    Black (45429) White (45422) and Stainless Steel (45423)

      Dimension Specifications

  • Depth: 30 Inches
  • Height: 68 ½ Inches
  • Width: 27 ½ Inches
  • Total Volume: 23.1 cu. ft.
  • Refrigerator Section: 14.0 cu. Ft
  • Freezer Section: 9.1 cu. ft.


  • Being a Counter Depth model is a real advantage as the overall depth is reduced by up to 5″, giving GREATER SPACE in your kitchen and with a shallower unit you have easier access to the interior cabinet.
  • One very important feature of this refrigerator is that it is Energy Star compliant, which means that it is a VERY COST EFFECTIVE unit with low running costs and a saving on electrical charges. Installation is pretty simple, even for the novice with is an advantage if you want to save in installation costs.
  • The interior lighting on this model is ‘ENHANCED’ which give you better overall visibility throughout the whole of the cabinet.
  • Refrigerators are really moving into the realms of being a piece of kitchen furniture and the stylish good looks of the Kenmore 4542 certainly confirm this.
  • The shelves are really well designed and a great advantage and they are not only made to last but they are incredibly functional.


  • The water filter is a great disadvantage as it requires very frequent changes. The price of a new water filter it pretty steep.
  • The handles of the ice maker door is rather flimsy plastic and can break quite easily.
  • There is a real problem with the interior drawer in the freezer section – as the DOOR OF THE FREEZER has to be almost fully opened before the drawer can be properly opened which is a real disadvantage.
  • You have to get used to WAITING for the in-door ice and water dispenser, because is you pull the glass away too soon you end up with DRIPS on the floor.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Energy Star
  • lovely enhanced interior lighting
  • well made shelving
  • great cooling
  • quiet model
  • really good ice making facility
  • great size if you want a smaller refrigerator
  • good looking unit
  • easy self-installationCons
  • not enough can space in the door
  • door is too close to the drawers
  • freezer a little narrow
  • water filer needs changing frequently
  • plastic ice maker doors rather flimsy