Kenmore Elite-46023 Side by Side Stainless Dispensing Refrigerator (24.5 cu.ft)

Energy Star® compliant Acceler-Ice™

Kenmore 46023 is a COUNTER-DEPTH side-by-side dispensing refrigerator that has a wide range of innovative features including ‘Fresh-n-Ready’ bins, an ‘Acceler-Ice’ feature, the SpaceSaver Ice system and is also is Energy Star compliant.
It comes with easy to use electronic LED temperature controls and is fitted with Microban Antimicrobial Protection to reduce stains and odours.
This is a very STYLISH model in Stainless Steel with a wide range of excellent humidity controlled bins and containers including Fresh-n-Ready bins.

    Interior Features

  • The FRESH-N-READY BIN is a great feature that keeps fruits, salads and vegetables in tip–top crispness.
  • This refrigerator is a COUNTER-DEPTH model which many see as an enormous plus – as it reduces the overall depth of the unit considerably, making it much easier to access the rear of the cabinet, while giving more floor space in your kitchen. It also comes with enhanced lighting to make it even easier to find things.
  • This unit has been designed with a SPACESAVER ICE SYSTEM, which frees up more space for food storage. – in fact it is calculated that with this feature you can stock up to 20 more foods, as compared with models that do not have this feature.
  • The ENERGY STAR label is a give-away that this model is energy efficient with a saving on running cost of up to 20% as well as being an environmentally friendly unit.
  • Having an exterior ICE-AND WATER DISPENSER also is an energy saving feature as water can be dispensed at any time without the need to open the door of the cabinet – thus keeping all the cold air inside the unit.
    This refrigerator is fitted with the ACCELER-ICE FEATURE which produces up to 20% more ice in any given 24 –hour period – so you will never find yourself running short at party-time or for those special occasions.
  • With its MICROBAN ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION, which is infused into the crisper drawers and the Crisp-n-Ready Bin you may be sure that odors and stains are reduced to a minimum – making the cleaning of the unit so much easier. It must of course be remembered that this technology does not protect against food-borne illness or food deterioration.

      Exterior Features

  • The electronic LED controls are on the outside of the refrigerator to allow the adjusting of the internal temperature without the need to open the cabinet doors.
  • The refrigerator has a STAINLESS STEEL cabinet with a contrasting black colored ice and water dispenser. The door is a flat style door and the Kenmore Elite metal handles are very sophisticated and designed to add both strength and style to the kitchen.
  • The Kenmore 4602 is available in THREE colors:-
    White (46022) Black (46029) and Stainless Steel (46023)

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 30 Inches
    Height: 71-7/8 Inches
    Width: 35-5/8 Inches
    Total Volume: 24.5 cu ft
    Refrigerator Volume 14.9 cu ft
    Freezer Volume 9.6 cu ft


  • This model has a good range of STORAGE and shelving which is a great advantage – including a crisper with Microban ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION which eliminate a lot of smells and stains. Having a temperature controlled meat and vegetable container is a great assess as well.
  • What an advantage to have the SpaceSaver ICE SYSTEM as this really adds a lot more usable space to this refrigerator and with it having a FrostFree DEFROST system there is no need for the chore of having to defrost the unit.
  • The PUR® Ultimate II WATER FILTRATION is a further advantage in this unit -as you know that the water you dispense is free from contaminates.
  • The LED temperature CONTROL is so easy to use and again having it on the outside is just one of the many advantages in reducing running costs . Similarly the Energy Star rating also is a great asset.


  • The water and ICE DISPENSER requires you to have quite a bit of patience as it takes ages to dispense the water and if the glass is removed too quickly there is an inevitable spillage. There are little tricks that you can work out – like pulling the glass back slowly to deactivate the dispensing mechanism – but overall this is not what you expect from an ice and water dispenser.
  • Some customers have complained that there has been a build-up of DUST on the coil – thus causing the unit to stop working and requiring the coil to be replaced.
  • The ICE-MAKER in the door has a tendency to spit out ice all over the floor – effectively the unit is leaking when this happens.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • makes ice really fast
  • great storage and shelving
  • easy access
  • counter-depth is a real plus space-wise
  • quiet running applianceCons
  • dispenser takes some time to decant
  • you can spill dispensed water if you remove the glass to quickly
  • problems with the build up of dust on the coil
  • ice-maker drip