Kenmore ELITE 51086 Side-by-Side Refrigerator Ultra Satin 26.5 cu ft

Energy Star® compliant – Blue LED Dispenser Display

The Kenmore 5108(6) side-by-side refrigerator EFFICIENT unit – with many more features than a number of similar looking models, such as the Kenmore 5107.
An ELECTRONIC Temperature Touch Screen makes keeping your refrigerator at the temperature you prefer a very easy task and the blue LED on the ice And Water Dispenser is a great asset. Not only does is dispense CRUSHED and CUBED ICE – but there is a useful NIGHT LIGHT on the dispenser, for those inevitable midnight visits.

    Interior Features

  • The good-sized innovative AIR- TIGHT CRISPERS in the REFRIGERATER compartment keeps all your fresh fruit, vegetables and salads crisp for so much longer, by retaining much of the moisture. This feature helps to lengthen the refrigerator life of all you fresh produce at the OPTIMUM TEMPERATURE and humidity.
  • The well-designed SlideAway shelves are a great success, which allows you to SLIDE AWAY the shelving to create a greater space when you need to store tall products and then return it to normal at a later dare, quickly and effortlessly.
  • SpillSafe glass shelves also are a feature that is becoming increasingly popular as unfortunate spillages and sticky patches can be more easily cleaned without having to dismantle the entire refrigerator.
  • Although there is no beverage rack or there are 3 good-sized adjustable, SpillGusrd shelves and 3 Clear Adjustable Door Bins as well as
  • AN AUTOMATIC ICEMAKER comes installed and ready to use and the refrigerator dispenser dispensed a choice of crushed ice or ice cubes
  • In the FREEZER compartment there are a total of TWO WIRE DOOR BASKETS as well as two slide out baskets, making access to the back of the freezer much easier that fixed baskets.
  • Being Energy Star® compliant, this model is highly ENERGY EFFICIENT and also is environmentally friendly, meeting government standards.

      Exterior Features

  • The side-by-side doors on the Kenmore 5108 are slightly curved for a GREAT LOOKING finish. The overall color of this model is Ultra Satin with the dispenser, the cabinet and the door handles being in monochromic stainless.
  • The Kenmore 5108 is available in a choice of FOUR great colors:-
    Ultra Satin (51086) Black (51089) White (51082) and Stainless Steel (51083)
  • The water filter is installed in the fresh food compartment but there is useful WATER FILTER INDICATOR positioned on the exterior of the cabinet

      Dimension Specifications

    Height 69-3/4 in.
    Width 35-3/4 in.
    Depth 34-1/4 in.
    Total Volume: 26.5 cu.ft.
    Refrigerator Section: 16.3 cu. Ft
    Freezer Section: 10.2 cu. ft.


  • AIRTIGHT CRISPERS are a big advantage knowing how fresh and crisp they keep all the fruit and salads that you need to store – as they trap all the moister in with the fresh food.
  • You will always have the cubed and crushed ice you need as the Kenmore 51086 comes READY INSTALLED from the factory with an automatic ice-maker.
  • The controls are conveniently placed on the exterior of the refrigerator for quick and easy access and contribute to its ENERGY SAVING qualities.
  • the Energy Star status is always a huge advantage as this can save up to 20% on all the funning costs of you unit.
  • There is no more problems with those TALL ITEMS that you never can manage to fit in, as the SlideAway shelves have been designed just for that purpose – and these MOVABLE SHELVES are also helpful when you have to mop up any unfortunate spillages.


  • There is NO Power Failure Alert, which would be such an advantage in areas where there are frequent power interruptions.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • easiest file to change
  • Energy Star
  • great airtight crispters
  • nice digital temperature display
  • humidity controlled compartments
  • Slide-away shelves are great idea
  • useful SpillSafe glass shelves
  • good freezer storage bins
  • classy look
  • multi-air floes cooling system
  • snack/deli drawer
  • slim ice system – space saving is a good idea
  • like the frost-free defrost systemCons
  • no temperature alarm
  • no door alarm
  • deli drawer is not temperature controlled