Kenmore Elite 51099 Black Side-by-Side Dispensing Refrigerator – blue LED filter display 25.6 cu ft

Energy Star® compliant – Advanced Cooling Syspem – SlideAway shelves

The FROST-FREE freezer feature which eliminates the need for regular defrosting and the ADVANCED COOLING SYSTEM all add the advantages of this desirable side-by-side refrigerator.

    Interior Features

  • One of the more important features of this refrigerator is the Energy Star status which ensure that you appliance is ECONOMICAL to run with many energy saving components – even saving up to 20% of your electric bills.
  • There are many convenient, ADVANCED STORAGE features to this the Kenmore 51099 including a 3-gallon adjustable storage bins in the door, and slide-out shelves.
  • One truly innovative and useful feature are the SlideAway shelves that not only enable better access and EASIER CLEANING of the unit – but also they can be slid away to accommodate taller items that need to be stored.
  • Other great storage options are the large HUMIDITY CRISPER BINS which not only help to extend the life of your fresh fruit and vegetables but also keeps it much crisper and fresher.
  • There is a FILTRATION SYSTEM and an ice and water dispenser which has many features, including the color-touch blue LED display on the dispenser and the option for either crushed or cubed ice. The AUTOMATIC NIGHT LIGHT is also a big pro as is the DISPENSER LOCK-OUT facility.
  • Other good features include the FrostFree defrosting system , a Frost Free space-saving Ice maker and also that the ice dispenser has a nice SLIM in-door ice.

    Exterior Features

  • This is a very STYLISH and eye-catching unit with a color-LCD temperature display having ‘intuitive’ SmoothTouch controls, which only require quick PUSH-BUTTON CONTROL. The temperature controls and display is conveniently situated on thee exterior of the appliance, which also contributes to its ENERGY SAVING properties.
  • The overall color of the Kenmore Elite 51099 is a stunning Black and there are no contrasting trims or handles – apart from the blue LED dispenser display. The door is made of smooth and gently contoured to give a sleek appearance.
  • There are some real good advantages with this dispenser including the CHILD_ LOCK out option and a NIGHT-LIGHT, which makes decanting so much easier in the dark.
  • The Kenmore 5109 is available in THREE colors:-
    Black (51099) White (51092) and Stainless Steel (51093)

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 34 ¼ Inches
    Height: 69 ¾ Inches Width: 35 ¾ Inches
    Total Volume: 26.5 cu. ft. Refrigerator Section: 16.3 cu. ft. Freezer Section: 10.2 cu. ft


  • Some great storage advantages of this model are the SlideAway shelves that give BETTER ACCESS and makes VERTICAL STORAGE of foodstuff so much ore convenient.
  • Also of great benefit are the spacious AIRTIGHT CRISPERS, which are humidity controlled and the large 3 gallon door bins.
  • The ADVANCED COOLING MULTI-AIR FLOW SYSTEM is a great bonus as it adds freshness to a number of these containers and bins
  • Spill proof shelving is a very good advantage as it makes any sticky marks or spills so much easier to clean up.
  • Considering the quality of the dispenser it is a pity that there is NO Water Filtration Indicator Light.


  • Not all bins and containers are temperature controlled like the deli drawer – it would be a better if they made all the drawers and bins one thing or the other.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Energy Star
  • super slide-away shelves
  • nice digital display with touch control
  • good size crispers
  • slim in-door ice system
  • do defrost needed with frost-free system
  • multi-air flow system.Cons
  • not power outage warning
  • deli drawer is not temperature controlled