Kenmore ELITE 54782 White Side-by-Side Refrigerator 25.6 cu ft

Energy Star® compliant – Ultra Chill Zone – Shaved Ice Option

The Kenmore 54782, with a cubic capacity of 26.5 cu ft is one of the Elite models, having a great range of innovative features.
Not only is the 54782 ENERGY STAR compliant but also it is fitted with an ADVANCED DISPENSER is 20% taller and deeper than the conventional dispensing refrigerator.
Some of the many features include a Ultra Chill Zone to keep beverages extra cool, Electronic LCD controls with Finger-Tip Temperature Management, a convenient Fresh-n-Ready bin to store fresh fruit and vegetables, an Ultra Chill Zone in the door providing colder temperatures where it is really needed and a very swish through the door ice and water Dispenser with many extras.

    Interior Features

  • Open the door of the Kenmore Elite 54782 and you immediately notice the stunning ENHANCED LIGHTING which give you a lovely clear view of everything in the cabinet.
  • Being Energy Star compliant this model is not only very ENERGY EFFICIENT, saving up to 20% of the running costs of this unit, but it is also environmentally friendly and complies with government recommendations.
  • There are some good storage features including the Fresh-n-Ready bin with Microban Protection and Slide-Out Shelves which help you to see exactly what you have in the back of your refrigerator and one great feature of this model is the Ultra Chill Zone that keeps beverages up to 5 DEGREES COOLER.
  • The external water and ice dispenser which give a great choice of crushed, cubed and shaved ice options. This dispenser has a lovely DISPENSER LIGHT, a LED display and a dispenser lockout feature and is also is fitted with the PUR Ultimate II water filtration system.
  • The freezer is fitted with the SmartSense Temperature Management System, a frost free defrosting system, the Acceler-Ice Advanced Ice Production technology and a space saving ice system which is fitted with MICROBAN PROTECTION.
  • Other features include an ADVANCED COOLING SYSTEM; spill-proof glass shelving, a temperature controlled meat/vegetable container and a snack/deli drawer – which does not have additional temperature control.

      Exterior Features

  • This very good-looking refrigerator is in pure white with a stunning contrasting ice and water dispenser. The door is beautifully contoured, giving a lovely curved line to the unit and is fitted with matching white metal handles.
  • The ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROLS are simple and easy to use with the touch of a button and are located on the exterior of the refrigerator for easy access.
  • There is a water FILTER INDICATOR LIGHT on the exterior of the refrigerator and the location of the filter is in the base grill of the unit.
  • The Kenmore 5478 is available in FOUR fabulous colors:- White-(54782) Black-(54789) Ultra Satin-(54786) and Stainless Steel-(54783)

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 35-3/4Inches
    Height: 70-1/4 Inches
    Width: 35-1/2 Inches
    Total Volume: 25.6 cu. ft.
    Refrigerator Section: 15.5 cu. ft.
    Freezer Section: 10.1 cu. ft.


  • Having enhanced lighting in this refrigerator is a great advantage as it really enables you to see where everything is, LIGHTING up the farthest corners.
  • Energy Star rated appliances are always a great advantage as they keep the running costs down and you are assured that it your Electric COSTS will certainly be reduced.
  • So many of the bins and containers are DESIGNED to make this model a really desirable refrigerator such as the Fresh-n-Ready bin, the Slide-Out Shelves and the Ultra Chill Zone – which is a special cool down shelf which is a great advantage if you want some extra cold milk or juice – or anything else that requires to be chilled.
  • A great feature is the temperature LCD readout that’s easy to read with a blue LED light that shows the temperatures for both refrigerator & freezer. The buttons are easy to push and enable you to quickly and easily make a selection of ice or water.
    The shaved ice has been great this summer for a slushy and smoothies.


  • There are a number of features that are not included in this model such as a beverage rack or a frozen pizza storage – NOR is there an air filtration system or an indicator that tells you if there has been a power outage.
  • Although there is a deli drawer it is disappointing that this is not temperature or humidity controlled like many of the other storage containers and bins.
  • One disadvantage that has been identified is that the wheels were very NOISY when the refrigerator needs to be shifted for cleaning purposes.
  • One design problem is that the shelves do not go all the way to the back of the refrigerator cabinet – leaving a BIT OF A GAP.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • LED readout
  • very good size
  • great looking appliance
  • love it !!
  • plenty of excellent features
  • great energy saver – noticeable from previous model
  • like the shaved ice
  • cools quickly
  • very quiet model
  • easy to use controlsCons
  • no meat compartment
  • only very small compartment for cheeses
  • noisy wheels <
  • ice-maker jams up sometimes
  • not built to last
  • irritating gap behind the shelves
  • unimpressed with the ice maker
  • flimsy plastic door handles