Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator ‘PUR’ Ultimate II Water Filtration (21.7 cu.ft)

I purchase the above refrigerator as a replacement when my old Kenmore blew its compressor. I really liked the style and easy cleaning feature of the satin finish and how the shelves for both the refrigerator and freezer sections adjusted.

The door shelves are deep enough to hold gallon sized containers and adjust for tall bottles. There is also a wine holder underneath the top shelf that hold one bottle of wine.

One of the major reasons for purchasing this model was the built in water purifier and ice maker. I drink lots of water and having it dispense cold and pure from the door was a major plus when deciding which model to purchase.

I had found over time, that the crushed ice function doses not work as well as I would like. When on crushed ice setting, the motor runs backwards to push the ice past chopping blades.

Any ice pieces that do not fall down the chute have a tendency to get stuck in the door an freeze up causing the whole ice dispenser to freeze solid. I now leave the setting on cube only.

– Adjustability of shelves in both compartments make storing easy, especially when having a party and with oversized containers.
– Pur water filtration systems is an excellent option. It works great and delivers clean/clear water and ice cubes.

– Crushed ice feature. Does not fully dispense crushed ice. Pieces caught inside door can freeze up blocking ice from dispensing.
– Price. A little high for the satin finish when compared to the white or stainless steel option.