Kenmore Ultra-Satin-White (78502) Bottom-Freezer (25 cu ft) French-Door Refrigerator

EXCLUSIVE Tilt-N-Take Freezer Drawer – FOUR colors

Kenmore 7850 Bottom-Freezer French-Door Refrigerator comes in Stainless Steel and is offered on THREE further available colors. It is not Energy Star compliant so does not have the ENERGY EFFICIENCY than refrigerators with this rating have.
It has an innovative in the door ice system that provides both CRUSHED AND CUBED ICE straight in to the container of your choice as well as ice-cold filtered water.

    Interior Features

  • The REFRIGERATOR has some good features including a color-matching, external Express-Fill, Ice-and-Water-Dispenser, with Express-Fill dispensing technology. This dispenser produces both crushed and cubed ice as well as pure filtered ice-cold water.
  • There is an exclusive Tilt-N-Take Freezer Drawer which is a great asset to this model and allow you to find exactly where your favorite frozen food is stored.
  • In the Freezer there is a factory installed Ice-Maker and Ice-Storage-Bin, which produces a good amount of ice for those special occasions.
  • The Multi-Sensor Advanced Temperature Management System have Electronic-Controls with a Green LED Display and are monitored by digital touch-pads for quick and accurate temperature changing and monitoring.
  • The LED display provides digitally displayed information about the temperature levels in various compartments of the unit and allows for ease of monitoring.

      Exterior Features

  • The Kenmore 7850 refrigerator is available in FOUR great colors:- Ultra-Satin (693766)White (78502) Black (78509) and Stainless Steel (78503)
  • The Ultra-Satin finish on this model has a hard-wearing, protective coating, but it is not pure Stainless Steel, which is a more expensive material.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 34 3/8 Inches
    Height: 69 ¾ Inches
    Width: 35 ¾ Inches
    Total Volume: 25 cu. ft.
    Refrigerator Volume 17.7 cu ft
    Freezer Volume 7.1 cu ft


  • The MANY different compartments, many of which can be adjusted separately are a great storage advantage and being able to adjust the TEMPERATURE of many compartments means that you have a very advanced cooling system
  • There is a LED display on the door which enable you to regulate the temperature easily and also with the TOUCH OF A BUTTON you can get different sizes of ice.
  • The French door is a real advantage which allows you to have the advantages of a Side-by-Side appliance as will as a bottom door freezer .
  • The Tilt-‘N-Take in the freezer compartment is a real joy and makes it so simple and easy to locate the food you want.
  • One big advantage of this Kenmore 7850 Bottom-Freezer is that the motor is WHISPER QUIET and everything really works efficiently and well.


  • There is NO Energy Star rating and there are a few other important features that are lacking – such as there not being any open-door alert ALARM, nor is there an alert that lets you know if the temperature levels are rising due to mechanical failure or an electrical power shortages.
  • There is NO multiple air-Flow System in this model which does have the disadvantage that the cold air is not as evenly distributed as in models with this feature.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • great storage capacity
  • really stylish looks
  • freezer on bottom is excellent
  • well designed
  • clear containers helps reduce wastage
  • easy to replace filter
  • good use of space
  • huge freezer drawers
  • quiet ice-maker
  • plenty of iceCons
  • rather pricy
  • you must close door properly of it doesn’t seal
  • crushed ice function not very good
  • tight door seal causes whole unit to move when opening
  • irritating high-pitched whine from the compressor
  • door handle rattles
  • very small ice-making facility