Kitchen Aid KSRS25FT Side-by-Side Refrigerator

We purchased this refrigerator new after reviewing it’s ratings on Consumer Reports and overall it meets our expectations. We originally wanted a double door Kenmore or a GE but all of the other appliances in our house are Kitchen Aid so we wanted to get a refrigerator/freezer that matched.

The touch pad panel that controls the ice and water went out at about the 4 month point and the replacement was covered under warranty. It was at that point we became concerned that maybe we had purchased a “lemon”.

The shelves are easy to adjust and the refrigerator compartment has adequate room for a family of 4. However, the freezer compartment is small and we had to buy a separate freezer to accommodate our needs.

The filter on the unit is rather expensive and we have delayed its replacement because we don’t drink water or use ice from the freezer. We have spilled several items in the past year in the refrigerator compartment and the raised edges on the shelving has kept the spills from contaminating the other levels. The produce seems to stay fresh and the drawers have a humidity control that we like.

The outside of the refrigerator is stainless steel and this is something we initially liked but with small children the outside of the unit is hard to keep free of fingerprints.

The water/ice tray on the outside of the refrigerator is easily removed….almost too easily. Our children like to take it off and play with it so if Kitchen Aid could come up with a better solution for this feature that would be good.

Overall we like this unit and would probably buy another stainless steel “fingerprint proof” refrigerator but probably not from Kitchen Aid unless the price was right.

– Shelving is easy to adjust in both freezer and refrigerator.
– Humidity control in the produce drawers.

– Stainless steel is not fingerprint proof.
– Filter is expensive.