KitchenAid (KDDC24CVS) Stainless (4.8 cu. ft.) Double-Drawer Freezer-Refrigerator (Architect Series II)

This Kitchen Aid KDDC24CVS is a good-looking refrigerator / freezer double-drawer system, which is tastefully manufactured in stainless steel with a contrasting dark colored grill at the base on the unit, which incorporates the temperature controls.
It has two spacious drawers and is part of the Architect® Series II

    Interior Features

  • There two drawers in this drawer unit – one for the freezer and one for the refrigerator.
  • There is a Led lighting in the interior of this unit which provides a good view of all the content in the drawers.
  • There is a factory-installed automatic ice- maker which ensure a constant supply of filtered ice

      Exterior Features

  • This double-drawer combination of refrigerator/freezer comes in a stylish stainless steel finish for the two drawers, which have long featured pull-down handles in the same colored finish.
  • This model is only offered in the one, stainless steel finish.
  • There is a contrasting dark toe-grill, which incorporates the water filtration system, which is a required accessory.

      Dimension Specifications

    Height 4 3/4″
    Width 23 3/4″
    Depth 27″
    Total Volume: 4.8 cu.ft.

      Additional Features

  • This refrigerator freezer is designed with drawers rather than doors so that it looks good in a variety of unusual positions, such as in an office or den as well as in the conventions position in a kitchen.
  • The double-drawer combination is an ideal size for entertaining
  • Both the freezer and refrigerator drawers have ample space for the cubic capacity, providing a range of options in the kitchen or elsewhere.
  • The design is such that this drawer refrigerator/freezer can be fitted into a standard opening with ease.
  • Electronic controls, for both drawers can be adjusted independently to provide the correct temperature for both the refrigerator section and the freezer compartment.
  • The base grill which houses the filtration system, helps to reduce water impurities while not reducing the space inside the drawer unit.


  • This is a good -looking drawer cabinet which would look good in a range of places – including an office, as it does not immediately look like a storage cold storage unit.
  • The interior LED lighting facility is good as it gives a good view of all the content in the drawers,
  • This is a small unit but has the advantage of incorporating both freezer and refrigerator drawers.
  • Having an automatic ice-maker , which produces fresh, filtered ice, in this small unit is a real advantage
  • It is as advantage that the electronic temperature controls are independently set up – allowing the temperature to be individually selected.


  • DO not like products that have required accessories – in this case it is refrigerator water filter, which is located in the grille.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Independent temperature controls
  • Nice looking
  • Able to fit in variety of locations
  • Aesthetically pleasingCons
  • Bit small
  • Controls