KitchenAid (KUIO18NNVS) Stainless Steel (18” width) Drop-Down-Door Outdoor Ice-maker

4 adjustable leveling legs

Generating up to 50lbs of ice in a 24 hour period, this 18”wide stainless-steel, drop-down is an elegant and sleek, ‘Outdoor Ice Maker’ that will add style to any patio or deck.

    Interior Features

  • The interior storage capacity of this ice-maker is a whopping, 35lbs.
  • The electronic controls of this ice-maker are hidden to keeping maintain its streamline, good look.
  • Knowing that exterior flooring can often be somewhat uneven, this model has four, convenient and adjustable leveling legs.
  • There is a drain pump that is available as a product feature – but strangely, is an optional extra.
  • Similarly there is a condensate water pipe which can also be purchased as an optional extra.

      Exterior Features

  • Styled in an elegant stainless steel finish it has an easy to manage, drop-down door with a long, sturdy horizontal handle.
  • The toe grill on this model comes in the same stainless finish and the unit and is very robust.

      Dimension Specifications

    Height 34”
    Width 18”
    Depth 24”
    Total Volume: 35 lbs storage capacity


  • As this is an outdoor appliance that is used in more unusual setting it come with four, useful adjustable legs.


    It is always a out-off when optional extras are not provided as standard.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Adjustable legsCons
  • Product feature is optional extra!