KitchenAid (KURS24LSBS) Undercounter Refrigerator 5.7cu-ft (Black-on-Stainless)

Energy StarĀ® – 24

The undercounter KURS24LSBS is a 24-inch under-the-counter stainless steel fridge that has a 5.7 cu. ft. capacity. It comes loaded with a number of intuitive and very useful features that are designed to provide the ultimate quality in food and beverage storage. This unit comes in a compact frame, making it suitable for small spaces.

    Interior Features

  • The Undercounter KURS24LSBS boasts of a 5.7 cu. ft. capacity that makes it perfect for small to regular families or as a supplementary storage unit.
  • It comes with an adjustable temperature control on base grille.
  • The automatic defrost eliminates the need of having to manually defrost an iced-up compartment.
  • The SpillClean glass shelving provide for a stylish storage option and prevents spilled fluids from leaking to other parts of the shelving.
  • Adjustable Z shelf provides for more flexibility in the organization of your items.
  • The KURS24LSBS also sports a Slide n Lock Can rack, perfect for storing other beverages and not just soda cans.

      Exterior Features

  • The Undercounter KURS24LSBS features a left hand door swing for easy opening and closing of the doors.
  • The wrap around stainless steel door with black cabinet gives the unit a stylish and elegant look.
  • The interior light provides a ready illumination to make rooting inside the unit easy and convenient.
  • The unit comes in a built-in freestanding installation.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 inches
    Height: 34 3/8 inches
    Width: 23 3/4 inches
    Total volume: 5.7 Cubic foot


  • One of the main advantages of this unit is that it is Energy Star qualified. You get to save a lot on energy with units with the Energy Star seal.
  • It sports a flush/built in look that is one of the easiest designs to install.
  • The unit is compact, and very easy to store
  • The unit is also very stylish. You will not be embarrassed to have this as an extra storage option in your kitchen.


  • The unit lacks several features that are found in units of the same price. Good examples include the egg bin, fresh food lights and wine racks. There are no deli lockers and no meat pan.
  • The unit does not come with a freezer, making this unit only very useful to those who only want refrigerator space and have no need for freezer storage.
  • The unit lacks an ice and water dispensing system, and there is no ice maker.
  • The lack of a reversible door limits the freedom with which you can open the door.
  • The unit does not come with a lock out feature.
  • The unit also requires a separate circuit in order for it to run.
  • due to its short height, you may need to stoop down in order to retrieve items from the lowest bins.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • energy efficient
  • flush look makes it easy to install
  • compact
  • comes in a stylish metallic finish
  • racks are easy to clean
  • racks areeasy to slide in and out.Cons
  • lacks several convenience features
  • does not come with a freezer
  • may not be suitable as a primary food storage unit
  • no ice maker,
  • no water dispenser,
  • no water filter / no water filter indicator
  • have to stoop to reach lowest bins.