LG – GL-255VM5 Refrigerator (240 litres)

Frost Free Refrigerator with Door Cooling Technology

LG – GL-255VM5: We are using this LG refrigerator from last one year. Model number of this refrigerator is GL-255VM5 and capacity of this refrigerator is 240 liters.

This is a five star rating refrigerator. Color of this refrigerator is Fantasy Blue and it looks very elegant in this color. It works without a stabilizer.

It is a two door refrigerator. Upper part is freezer in which you can store your ice-cream, ice, etc and in the bottom part you can put normal items like milk, food, vegetable, eggs, etc.

Freezer temperature control is given inside the freezer and you can control the temperature of your freezer without affective any temperature change in the bottom part.

This refrigerator uses door cooling technology, which gives extra cooling to your refrigerator. Freezer door is also capable of handing some small items. Bottom part has three compartments and all of these compartments are adjustable in nature. You can easily move the separators up and down to use them according to the requirements. Door has four parts. Bottom part can be used to store small bottles such as water bottles, juice, cold drinks, etc. Above this there is another bottle pocket, which can accommodate longer bottles.

Dairy pocket is above this bottle pocket, where you can store curd, butter, etc. Above this there is an egg pocket, where you can easily store 10-15 eggs. In spite of storing egg you can use remaining place to store something else such as Lemon, etc.

There are two pros and cons of this refrigerator.

* big space to keep all your necessary things in it and
* saves a lot of power for me.

* It sometimes its quick freezing room does not work fast and second con is that its ice twister is not very

it is a good fridge wit a good sized capacity..
Its Appearance, Features-5 and Price-5 make it good fridge wtih value for money