LG GL (S322GP) Top-Freezer Refrigerator

A refrigerator or “fridge” as it’s being commonly referred to in our day-to-day parlance, has perhaps become the most integral item in the scheme of necessary household appliances.

The importance devoted to select this item is as such not misplaced associated as it is with safe storage of food items to be consumed by an individual or family. There is no end to brands and models of refrigerators available at stores all across.

The home appliances manufactured by the South Korean company, LG, have gradually found an increasing market. The company seems to have shown admirable response to customer feedback taking care that there are different models with price tags to suit the pocket of various classes of customers.

The model GL-S322GP falls somewhere in the middle of the product spectrum of its impressive range from LG.

The frost free technology, a separate 70 liter freezer capacity, well designed ‘adjustable’ shelves and a dependable dial type temperature control makes it give more than its money’s worth to the buyer.

Additionally, two-door panel provides convenience of reaching the contents. The model has been so designed that it merges well with the décor of the living hall as well in case the user finds it more convenient to place it there.

The feedback of most users shows it is any day a good purchase. One wouldn’t like to change this heavy domestic machine too often and the above product doesn’t give reason for doing so.

– Aesthetically designed exterior in a range of pleasing shades matches most interiors well.
– A separate quick freezing compartment is an imaginative addition that serves well.

– It is not equipped with deodorization ability.
– The customer service needs improvement as it doesn’t seem to have kept pace with the heavy sales in many regions.