LG LFC25760SB French-Door Refrigerator

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This refrigerator is wonderful.

I love the French doors on this model refrigerator by LG. The doors allows for large platters to go in and out with a breeze.

I am able to make party platter way before my guest arrive and just pull it out right before they arrive.

Another reason I like the French door feature is my toddlers are able get their own cups when they are thirsty and put them back inside when their finished.

The deep pocket shelves on the inside doors hold a lot of food or drink. I never run out of room.

I like how the freezer is on the bottom with deep storage. This feature allows for large items to fit without moving things around.

The BEST feature of this model refrigerator is it beeps if the doors get left open with the color being black it is sometimes very hard to tell if doors shut properly.

The last thing that makes this a wonderful refrigerator is the shelving pulls out which make it easy to clean.

Now, onto to the negative about this model, first the ice machine is extremely slow about making more ice. If you have more than four people drinking ice in their beverage you will run out.

The last thing that I do not care for is how easily finger prints show up. I am consistently cleaning and with children in the house it is always dirty looking from their finger prints being all over the refrigerator.

If I were to give this refrigerator an overall rating I would probably say it is 4 out of 5