LG (LFX28977SW) 27.6-cubic-ft. 3-Door French Door Refrigerator

SpacePlus™ Ice System – Tall Filtered Water Dispenser

The LG LFX28977SW is a 27.6 cu. ft., THREE-Door Refrigerator that offers more than just STORAGE. The stylish design will definitely make the refrigerator a focal point in any kitchen. The refrigerator’s features are PRACTICAL and CONVENIENT and will answer all the refrigeration needs of a family. It comes in a smooth white finish that can easily match any kitchen decor.

    Interior Features

  • This three-door French refrigerator has a BUILT-IN Water and Ice Dispenser that can keep up with the drinking needs of a family. The dispenser is TALLER than the usual built-in dispensers available in regular refrigerators.
  • The refrigerator has a FOUR-Compartment Crisper that allows the user to organize fresh produce in order to make them LAST LONGER in the refrigerator.
  • The bins and shelves of the refrigerator is Clear and TRANSPARENT, allowing users to SEE THE CONTENTS without having to pull the bins out.
  • As with other LG models, this three-door French model employs the SPILL-PROOF SHELF DESIGN.
  • The refrigerator is ENERGY-EFFICIENT and even has the Energy Star seal to prove it. The Energy Star-complaint refrigerator gives the user up to 20% in electric bill savings.

      Exterior Features

  • The machine employs a Compressor motor that allows the refrigerator to function MORE EFFICIENTLY and QUIETLY, making the machine last for a long time.
  • The contoured doors and hidden hinges make the refrigerator extremely stylish and elegant. It is definitely a welcome addition to any home.
  • The French Doors open fully, giving the user FULL ACCESS to the contents of the refrigerator.
  • This appliance has ADEQUATE LIGHTING inside the body, in order to properly illuminate the contents.
  • DIGITAL CONTROLS are easy to understand and use.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 47 5/8 in.
    Height: 69 3/4 in.
    Width: 44 1/4 in.
    Total volume: 27.6 cu. ft.


  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY is a very important feature of this refrigerator, as it saves the user up to 20% in electric cost.
  • The refrigerator operates more SILENTLY than other refrigerators of the same model.
  • The Water Dispenser is able to fill a WHOLE PITCHER with water without the need for constant refilling.
  • The Multiple Air Flow Feature allows for BETTER ODOR MANAGEMENT and Temperature Control.
  • It has HUMIDITY-Controlled Crispers to keep food stuff and other items fresh.
  • The refrigerator is designed in such a way that you can FULLY MAXIMIZE the use of space, having 18.8 cubic feet for fresh food and 8.8 cubic feet for the freezer – this is thanks to the Slide-Out Shelves.
  • This model has slide-out shelves and compartments that let you MAXIMIZE the use of space.


  • The ICE CUBE maker has a limited capacity.
  • It lacks space for TALL BEVERAGE containers.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • comes with a warranty for labor, parts, and the sealed system
  • good allocation of cubic footaage
  • spacious compartments
  • easy to organize content
  • has a door alarm to warn the user that the door is open or improperly closed
  • slide-out shelves good sized compartmentsCons
  • no separate temperature control for the deli and beverage compartment
  • no temperature alarm or warning device