LG (LMX25981ST) French-Door Dispensing Refrigerator (24.7 cu. ft.)

I am using it for the last five years without any hassles and am sharing with you some useful info here about it.

It’s really very cool, very powerful, nice looking, its shape is not only beautiful but also storage capacity and generosity are very suitable for household. With this Refrigerator we can make everything better.

It is made in Korea and it is a huge 590 litre capacity double door fridge, in my opinion this is a great fridge, especially if you are older and don’t like bending down to find things that get pushed to the back of shelves.

– There is generally more storage in the bottom freezer.
– The storage areas you use most often are at eye level; you can quickly see exactly what you have in the refrigerator.

– A bottom freezer refrigerator is usually more expensive than a top freezer refrigerator.
– Higher repair rate. For some reason bottom freezer refrigerators break down more often.