LG LSC27910TT Side by Side Refrigerator (26.5 cu.ft.; Titanium)

IcePlus™ Accelerated Freezing and LED SmoothTouch™ Controls

This refrigerator is type and brand I have never used before. I was always a big fan of LG, I just never got around to having one. And I am sure glad i did. I like this fridge a lot. there is a decent amount of room and it has stayed very clean since I got it around 2 months ago.

I like the fact that the stainless steel won’t get scratched by anything, like my kids pounding on it. The water machine part I liked too. It has a temperature gauge, so depending on how cold I want it, I can change it.

The ice part is easily accessible as well, right in front of the freezer. The freezer has many shelves which fit pretty much anything, from pizzas to a frozen turkey. The fridge set up was good as well.

The shelves were spread apart enough to fit tall things, and you can even take out the shelves for cleaning and such. It also has a spill proof shelf so it will protect anything from spilling all over. The crispers were separated into meat and vegetable ones, which are temperature controlled.

The condiment shelves are also movable which is helpful. The best thing I liked about the fridge was the timer. If the door is open for more than 3 minutes, it begins to beep. So if I close the fridge, thinking its closed, it will tell me if its not. I also liked how easily it was to clean. Just use some ‘Windex’ and you are all set.

A few things I did not like was how easily a dent was made inside the fridge. I am not sure how it got there, but it could not have been from something heavy.

Another con was the water area. The shelf part was not tall enough to fit a water bottle or anything tall, which I did not like.