LG Refrigerator Reviews

LG is a South Korean company founded in the late 1940s. Originally founded as Goldstar in 1958, the company became known as Lucky-Goldstar until the 70s.

The brand changed its name from Lucky-Goldstar to the shorter, easier to remember LG and is popular in South Korea for being a CHEAPER and LOCAL ALTERNATIVE to other electronics giants like Maytag, Whirlpool, and Kenmore.

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LG (LSMX214ST) Studio Series 20.5 cu ft 4-Door French-Door Dispensing Refrigerator Stainless-Steel  
LG LSMX214ST Refrigerators
Studio Series-4 Door French Door Refrigerator with Ice- and Water-Dispenser (20.5 cu. ft. Stainless Steel)
With two good size …

LG LSC27921TT Side-By-Side Dispensing Refrigerator 26.5 cu.ft. Titanium (LoDecibel) 
With it sleek exterior and well designed interior the LG LSC27921TT is a side-by-side ice and water dispenser refrigerator is finished with a stunning …

LG – GL-255VM5 Refrigerator (240 litres) 
LG – GL-255VM5: We are using this LG refrigerator from last one year. Model number of this refrigerator is GL-255VM5 and capacity of this refrigerator …

LG Top Freezer LTC22351SS EasySteel™ FinishTop-Mount-Freezer-Refrigerator 22.1-cubic-ft. 
Get the best from a traditional refrigerator design with the LG Top Freezer LTC22351SS. It offers 22.1 cubic feet of space and comes in stainless steel …

LG LSC27910TT Side by Side Refrigerator (26.5 cu.ft.; Titanium) 
This refrigerator is type and brand I have never used before. I was always a big fan of LG, I just never got around to having one. And I am sure glad i …

LG GL-245TMG4 Top-Freezer Refrigerator (capacity 230 liters) 
I have been using this refrigerator model for the last 2 years.It works smoothly without any problem. LG GL-245TMG4 is a nice product giving value for …

Stainless Steel LG LMX28987ST 4-Door French Door Refrigerator Auto-Opening Freezer Doors 
This LG LMX28987ST is some refrigerator as is designed with two freezer drawers that automatically open and close. This Energy Star® compliant, 4-door …

*LG (LRFD25850) French-Door Dispenser Refrigerator (25 cu.ft.) 
This LG refrigerator is a three-door model. There are two side-by-side refrigerator doors above a tilt-out, pull-out freezer drawer at the bottom.

LG Intellocool Refrigerator 
This is a compact machine in its size and shape. it is available in different capacities. It has various types of trays and freezer to use. Enough space …

LG LBN22515SB Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator (22 cu.ft. capacity) 
I am incredibly disappointed with my LG refrigerator. I paid $1900 for it thinking it was a high quality, high end appliance.

It has operated well …

LFX25976ST Not rated yet
We have the LFX25976ST. We like the look and functionality, but beware IT IS LOUD! Very loud. We had the ice maker worked on, and the technician actually …

LG model LMX25988ST  Not rated yet
What a waist of good money !!!!
We bought one because it looked good , had lots of room for what we needed, little pricey but it had all the features …

LG French Door Refrigerator Model # LFD22860ST Not rated yet
First, the door connector in the middle-front (between the two french doors)broke off almost immediately! Cheap quality! You would have to constantly check …

275vv5 LG refrigerator 260 litres double door Not rated yet
What is the rating of this refrigerator.
Was this refrigerator rated 5 star earlier and now is rated as 4 star?

LG FREEZER ON TOP  Not rated yet
We bought a LG refrigerator/freezer and after one year the bearings on the internal fan went, creating a majorly annoying loud noise. We had it repaired, …

LG LMX25984ST French-door refrigerator Stainless 24.7 cu. ft. Smooth Not rated yet
LG LMX25984ST French-door refrigerator is shown in Stainless although it is offered in two further finishes. It has a capacity of 24.7 cu. ft. and has …

LG LMX21984ST Cabinet Depth 4-Door French Door Dispensing Stainless Refrigerator 20.5 cu. ft.  Not rated yet
This is considered to be the ‘ultimate’ in storage organisation, with the double French-style freezer drawers and the roomy 4-Compartment Crisper System, …

LG Smooth White LMX25984SW French-Door Refrigerator 24.7 cu ft SpacePlus Ice  Not rated yet
Interior Features The TALL through the door ice and water dispenser makes filling a range of containers so much easier. It also comes with a child …

LG LMX28988SB Ultra-large 27.5 cu ft 4 Door French-Door Refrigerator (Slim Space Plus Ice System)  Not rated yet
An ultra-large 4 door bottom-freezer refrigerator, the LG LMX28988SB has an overall massive 28 cubic feet of capacity and is fitted with Slim SpacePlus …

LG LSSC243ST “Studio” Series Stainless Side-By-Side Refrigerator Ice and Water Dispenser 26.5 cu ft  Not rated yet
Check out this good-size 26.5 cu ft capacity Side-by-Side dispensing refrigerator from LG. The LSSC243ST is part of the Studio series and so it comes …

LG LSC23924SB Side-by-Side Tall-Dispensing Black Refrigerator 23 cu ft (Energy Star)  Not rated yet
Have a peep at the LG LSC23924SB, which is a side-by-side refrigerator, with its 23 cu ft capacity and stylish exterior style package. It has a 9″ tall …

LG LFC25760SB French-Door Refrigerator Not rated yet
This refrigerator is wonderful.

I love the French doors on this model refrigerator by LG. The doors allows for large platters to go in and out with …

LG LSC27910SB Side-By-Side 26.5- cubic-ft. Refrigerator Not rated yet
The LSC27910SB is a side-by-side refrigerator from LG that offers 26.5 cubic feet capacity, allocated for fresh food and for the freezer section. The refrigerator …

LG 4-Door French Door LMX21981ST 20.5-cu-ft. Stainless-Steel-Refrigerator Not rated yet
Get the most out of the 20.5 cubic feet of space of the 4-Door French Door LMX21981ST Refrigerator from LG buy filling this Stainless Steel refrigerator …

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LG (LFX28977SW) 27.6-cubic-ft. 3-Door French Door Refrigerator Not rated yet
The LG LFX28977SW is a 27.6 cu. ft., THREE-Door Refrigerator that offers more than just STORAGE. The stylish design will definitely make the refrigerator …

LG LBC22520SW (soft-white) Bottom Freezer-Refrigerator (22.4 cu ft) Not rated yet
The LG LBC22520SW is a Bottom-Mount Refrigerator freezer which comes in a Soft White finish with a Contoured refrigerator door, with In-Door Compartment …

LG-LBC22520TT (BLACK) 22.4 cu ft Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator (Swing-Freezer-Door)  Not rated yet
Featuring a TRADITIONAL design that never goes out of style, LBC22520SB is a bottom freezer refrigerator from LG that is practical as it is ENERGY-EFFICIENT. …

WHITE LG (LTC22350WH) Top Freezer LoDecibel Refrigerator 22.1 cu ft Not rated yet
Available in Smooth White and Easy Steel finishes, LTC22350WH is a bottom freezer refrigerator from LG that is PRACTICAL and STRAIGHTFORWARD, providing …

White LG (LSC27914SW) Side-By-Side (flush-mounted dispenser) Refrigerator cu ft 26.5 cu ft  Not rated yet
This LG side by side refrigerator comes in CLASSIC WHITE and features a Flush-Mounted Water and Ice Dispenser that is integrated into the refrigerator …

Smooth Black LG (LSC27931SB) Side-By-Side Ice and Water Dispensing Refrigerator 26.5 cu ft Not rated yet
The LG side-by-side refrigerator model LSC27931SB is a STYLISH unit that offers premium styling and one of the tallest filtered water dispenser in the …

LG (LFC25776SB) LoDecibel 3-Door French-Door Refrigerator 25 cu ft (smooth black) Not rated yet
The LG LFC25776SB is a stylish traditional refrigerator that comes bundled with modern features such as recessed LED lighting and Humidity Crispers. …

WHITE LG (LFX25976SW) 3-Door French-Door Ice/Water Dispensing Refrigerator 24.7 cu ft Not rated yet
The LG LFX25976SW is a very STYLISH unit that comes bundled with a number of practical and convenient features for the average family. With its SMOOTH …

EasySteel™ Finish LG (LMC25780AL) FOUR-Door French-Door Refrigerator (24.8 cu ft) Not rated yet
Featuring an ELEGANT design in an updated stainless steel finish, the 4-door LMC25780AL refrigerator from LG makes a great addition to any kitchen. Its …

Stainless Steel LG (LMX28988ST) Ultra-large 4-Door French-Door Refrigerator 28 cu ft Not rated yet
Spacious, elegant, and featuring a Functional Water and Ice Dispenser, the 4-door LMX28988ST refrigerator from LG is one of the most sought after kitchen …

Smooth Black LG (LSC27921SB) LoDecibel™ SIDE BY SIDE Ice-DIspensing Refrigerator 26.5 cu ft Not rated yet
The LSC27921SB has a host of great interior features, which give your refrigerator a stylish and sophisticated look, while being a good functional refrigerator. …

LG (LMX25981ST) French-Door Dispensing Refrigerator (24.7 cu. ft.) Not rated yet
I am using it for the last five years without any hassles and am sharing with you some useful info here about it.

It’s really very cool, very powerful, …

LG (LDC22720ST) Bottom-Freezer Stainless Steel Refrigerator (22.4 cu.ft.) Not rated yet
While shopping for a new refrigerator I had several options to choose from, including the color, style, and size. I knew I wanted a silver colored refrigerator …

LG GL (S322GP) Top-Freezer Refrigerator Not rated yet
A refrigerator or “fridge” as it’s being commonly referred to in our day-to-day parlance, has perhaps become the most integral item in the scheme of necessary …

LG (LFX25960SW) French-Door Dispenser Refrigerator (24.7 cu.ft) Not rated yet
LG is a company that is very well known for having high quality products. With a good amount of space and several excellent features, this refrigerator …

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Refrigerator Overview


However, LG has started to compete with these brands in recent years, adding a few innovations and high-tech features that rival those of other brands, releasing the world’s; First Internet Refrigerator in 2000 and the world’s; first Internet washing machine in 2001.

LG is also a TRUSTED brand when it comes to television and mobile handsets. The company manufactures a line of refrigerators through its electronics division.

LG Refrigerators Key Features

Certain features make LG unique among its competitors. A few of the features that have been shown to generate favorable nods from customers include:-

  • Multi-Airflow System
  • Jet Freezer Drawers
  • Ice Beam Cooling
  • Optichill Drawer
  • Optibin Crispers

Multi Air Flow

The Multi-Airflow System is UNIQUE to LG, despite the fact that other brands seem to copy this feature. This is because LG has installed AIR VENTS in the refrigerator shelves to keep the temperature inside the unit as CONSTANT as possible.

This is coupled with the Ice Beam Cooling feature in the frozen foods section in LG side-by-side models, which come with added Cool Air Vents for UNIFORM Cool Temperatures.

Jet Freezer

Jet Freezer Drawers attract customers for their DOUBLE FREEZING TIME. The units have a separate drawer inside the freezer meant for Rapid Freezing to seal in freshness in half the time.

Energy Star

Most LG models also now sport the Energy Star seal, which is fast becoming the norm in the appliance industry. Because units that have this seal consume 15% less energy, they can really help users SAVE on Energy Bills.

LG Refrigerator Product Types Available

The company produces a number of

  • Side-by-Side Refrigerators.
  • Bottom Freezer Refrigerators.
  • French-Door Refrigerators.

The side-by-side units offer AMPLE SPACE, are ENERGY EFFICIENT, and produce LESS NOISE compared to other units in the same brand.

Side by Side

A typical example of a popular side-by-side LG refrigerator is the LG LSC26905TT. This particular refrigerator unit has 26 cu. ft. storage space, is a side-by-side refrigerator, and has external water dispenser that comes in titanium finish.

This model comes with a TALL water dispenser, SLIDE-OUT spill protector glass shelving, easy-to-read LED displays, and door baskets with adjustable GALLON size.
It is also one of the QUIETEST of the LG models.

The only consumer complaint with this model is that the freezers of some units start encountering problems after just a year of use.

Expensive Frigidaire Refrigerator

A more expensive unit is the LG LSC27991TT, which is a 26.2 cu.ft. side-by-side refrigerator with LCD TV. At over $3,000, it comes in a titanium finish and an LCD TV.

The unit is worth its price with all the features that this model sports — from the 26.4 cubic foot capacity to the tilting freezer door bins. It does come with a few other features that most homeowners can do without.
As expected, the typical consumer complaint with this model is usually the cost.

Fridge Freezer

Another good option is the LG LFX21960, a 20.5 cu. ft. bottom freezer refrigerator that comes with French doors. Customers like this model lay-out, because it allows them AMPLE SPACE to store fresh produce in the top section and all their frozen food in the bottom.

The unit also comes with spill-proof glass shelving and SmoothTouch external LCD controls that monitor freezer and refrigerator temperatures along with Optibin Crispers and a Durabase Freezer Drawer. However, this model is often plagued with various complaints concerning users who are not happy about the icemaker.

Some users report that the icemaker stops working after 5 months of use. There has also been reports concerning problems with the unit’s defrost gasket.

Some are also complaining that the model cannot be fitted inside preexisting cabinets in the kitchen despite the company’s claim that it can.

Popular French-Door Units

Another popular French door unit is the LG LFC23760ST< which is 22.6 cu. ft. stainless steel, French door, bottom freezer refrigerator. It boasts of a stylish, stainless steel exterior, multi-air floor cooling system, 2 humidity crispers, a door alarm, and a Lodecibel quiet operation.

It also has ample interior space even inside the fridge, with the interior also sporting removable, tempered glass shelving. The drawback is the lack of ample space for tall items such as wine bottles.

Common problems include too cool freezer temperatures that freeze everything into solid ice and non-functional freezer compartment doors and faulty hinges. However, priced at a little over $1,000, the model is a good buy for its features and its stylish look.

Another popular model is the LG LMX25981, which is a 25 cu. ft. French door refrigerator with self-contained ice system and 2 bottom freezer drawers.

It also has the tallest water dispenser ever to be placed in a refrigerator unit standing at 12 inches. The model is stylish, with recessed LED lighting, hidden hinges, and curved contours. The unit’s interior also differs from other LG units with the ice shelf relocated to the door, freeing up the entire top shelf.

Its 4 compartment crisper system allows for more versatility in arranging beverages, with an extra container for more bottles or cans.

The LG LSC27926ST is a side-by-side model that is known for its ample space. With its wheels, there is no worry about moving the unit from one room to another.

It also keeps its surface pristine and smudge free with an anti-fingerprint coating. Typical complaints usually heard from customers involve the icemaker, which can be too noisy in some units.

Common Complaints

Common complaints with LG refrigerator units are the early malfunctions of the built-in ice maker, which, in some cases bails out way before the warranty on the unit expires.

Customers can contact the LG customer service center for support whenever any problem with their purchase arises.