Maytag MTB2191ARW Top-Freezer Refrigerator (21 sq.ft space)

Understandably, this refrigerator unit, selling at $1095 in most stores, is one of the best refrigerators I have experienced. With a flat element back, this fridge is capable of sitting close to a wall and will make little to no noise when running. With 21 sq ft of space and optional features like a can rack and bottle snuggler, it is perfect for a large family and people who are cooking enthusiasts.

It also had features such as humidity controlled Crispers and the ability to be retrofitted with an in-freezer ice-maker (if there is not one already). On the bad side, the Maytag MTB2191ARW consumes about 515 kWh/year and is therefore, not EnergyStar compliant. This means for the owner, this fridge will cost roughly $43 a year to operate. But with it’s high capacity, simplicity, and ability to be retrofitted and modified, the single drawback is negated.

Some people might also object to a unit that cannot make ice, but again, this model can be retrofitted at a later date. Additionally, some might object to it’s retail price, as $1095 is a bit steep for a more traditional unit.

My Maytag MTB2191ARW was purchased at a cut-rate price due to it being previously owned for 2 days. It’s previous owners did not realize that upon purchase of a new refrigerator, you are NOT supposed to load it with food, but rather let it run for a couple hours empty to get up to temperature.

As a result, the loaded their fridge with products and the engine blew as a result. It was taken back to the store, reconditioned, and put back on sale. Overall, if you want a decent fridge with high capacity, but don’t need the bells and whistles of in-door ice service, milk doors, or even TVs mounted in the face of the unit, this should honestly be considered if you are willing to splurge and don’t mind a rather high kilowatt usage rate.