Maytag (MTB2254EES) Freezer-on-Top Stainless Steel (with Freshlock™) Refrigerator 21.7 cu ft

Energy Star® (also available in black and white)

What meets your eye with the Maytag MTB2254EES is exactly its selling point. From the onset, the first thing you will notice is its size and industrial yet sleek look. The doors are contoured and the handled are integrated for a glossy feel.

As for function, the model is a wonder with a bevy of features designed to make your kitchen experience just a bit more enjoyable and lot more convenient.

Spill catchers, a wire freezer shelf with an adjustable width, reversible doors, and a huge 21.7 cu. ft. capacity spell a great refrigerator that’s worth the price you paid for it.

    Main Key Features

  • The MTB2254EES is designed with automatic moisture control, making food placed in it always crisp and fresh.
  • The fridge’s crispers have FreshLock technology, complete with humidity control, to make sure that fruits and vegetables maintain their crispiness. No more soggy fruits and veggies!
  • To hold your food, split spill-catcher shelves are installed, also making cleanup a breeze!
  • The crisper shelf is made out of glass, so that you can actually see what’s inside without having to open and close the shelf.
  • The dairy compartment is covered, making dairy products protected from unnecessary moisture.
  • The unit has an optional automatic ice maker for ice in a flash!
  • This model is offered in THREE great colors:- White (MTB2254EEW) Black (MTB2254EEB) and Monochromic Stainless Steel. (MTB2254EES)

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 31 ½ Inches
    Height: 66 ½ Inches
    Width: 32 ½ Inches
    Total Volume: 21.7 cu. ft.


  • The Maytag MTB2254EES refrigerator has a very sleek, metallic look going with a stainless steel exterior. The doors are exceptional, as they are reversible, and open on both sides.
  • Three shelves make a lot of room for all sorts of food to be placed inside. In the freezer compartment on the top portion of the unit, two bins and one shelf are available for food items the need to be frozen.
  • The spill catchers in the shelves are a big relief for those who want a clean fridge without having to break their backs because of all the cleaning they have to do.
  • The compartment for dairy products are covered, which makes it perfect for foodstuff like cheese and sticks of butter. The design is visually-appealing and very practical for easy storage and use. Definitely, this model lives up to Maytag’s brand reputation of high quality and reliability.


  • For one, the unit is not widely available in most appliance stores. Also, the automatic ice maker as an optional feature does bother some customers as they have are given the burden of having to make a decision to have it or not.
  • For many households, the ice-maker seems to be a standard feature in refrigerators.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • sleek aesthetics with an industrial and metallic feel
  • reversible doors
  • Energy Star-qualified, a seal of energy efficiency
  • crisper shelves made of see-through glass
  • crispers with FreshLock technology
  • door bins are adjustable
  • lights for both refrigerator and freezer
  • spacious freezer with compartments
  • equipped with spill catchers
  • has a specialized snack drawerCons
  • automatic ice maker is an optional feature