Maytag Top-Freezer Refrigerator (18 cu. ft.)

This refrigerator is fairly nice. It is used in a lower priced apartment that has seen some abuse. One of the former room mates used to put oven-hot pots/pans on the shelves to cool down.

To date, the fridge has yet to suffer any damage from the normal wear and tear (5 years old).

Besides needing some cleaning from time to time, it has worked like a champ. The exterior appearance is nice; plain white front and white interior.

There are 2 doors, one for the fridge and one for the freezer. The freezer comes with a build in shelf, but no ice machine. The temperature controls are great. Doesn’t freeze the top shelf and heat the bottom.

Everything is nice and evenly cooled. The exterior is nice and easily cleaned. Since ours is next to our stove, after cooking it gets the occasional splatter from food/pots/pans.

When running, the fridge is incredibly quiet. I have slept near it (living next to kitchen) and it doesn’t wake me when it comes on to cool down.

The only drawbacks are lack of truly adjustable shelves and the bottom. The bottom shelf, which covers the two vegetable bins, is a piece of glass. If you were to spill something on the bottom shelf, it leaks into the bins at the bottom. But cleaning it is easy.

Pops out and you can rinse it off and place it back in just as easy. The other shelves and walls are easily cleaned with a little elbow grease.

– Cheap
– Dependable

– Bottom shelf leaks
– No ice machine