Monochromic Stainless Maytag (MFF2558VEM) QuietSeries™ Freezer-on-Bottom French-Door Refrigerator 25 cu ft

Energy Star® Electronic Duel Cool System (available in satina, black white)

The Maytag MFF2558VEM French Door Refrigerator offers a total of approximately 25 cubic feet of refrigerator space on five spacious shelves.

The freezer section, located at the bottom of the refrigerator houses up to 7.5 cubic feet of space, enough to satisfy all your refrigeration needs.

Not only that, the stainless steel body provides durability, style and a hygienic take on refrigerators.

    Main Features

  • This Energy Star compliant refrigerator offers a energy efficient kitchen appliance that adds more to your savings.
  • This refrigerator has the dual open door feature which is best utilized in kitchens with cramped spaces.
  • The vegetable bin has a controlled humidity feature which allows the user to adjust the temperature in order to attain optimal freshness.
  • The refrigerator comes with a built-in ice maker.
  • This refrigerator also has an electronic display that allows the user to check temperature settings.
  • This model is offered in FOUR great colors:- Monochromatic Satina (MFF2558VEM) White (MFF2558VEW) Black (MFF2558VEB) and Monochromic Stainless Steel. (MFF2558VEW)

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 35 7/16 Inches
    Height: 70 1/8 Inches
    Width: 35 5/8 Inches
    Total Volume: 28.4 cu. ft


  • This free standing 25 cubic foot refrigerator offers both convenience and versatility in the kitchen.
  • The French doors open both ways and the bottom freezer bin is easy to pull out. Sllk helves are made of clear, durable glass that allows the user to immediately see the products within the refrigerator.
  • Also, the refrigerator has at least six compartments that make it easier to organize the contents of the refrigerator.
  • The automatic defrost feature also makes it easier to clean. The twin door design fits in any kitchen.
  • Fresh food is easily accessible, being at eye level.
  • The spill catcher shelves are a great innovation that contain liquid spills to make it easier to clean them up. The refrigerator also has specific storage bins for beverages, snacks, and fresh produce.


    The freezer bin being at the bottom, bulky and heavier items would be difficult to store and to retrieve from the bin. Although the dimensions are of standard measurements, the refrigerator is taller than the average appliances with the same width and depth. Users have to make sure that they will have ample space for the refrigerator.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • The shelves are easy to adjust with the hand crank feature
  • The refrigerator comes with a warning system that indicates whether you have closed the door properly or not
  • The shelves and bins are roomy. There is enough space to store almost all food products and produce
  • The special compartments for soda cans is a nice feature
  • This is a great combination of the side by side feature and the bottom drawer freezer design
  • Energy Star compliant, making this model an energy-efficient optionCons
  • The location of the water dispenser is inside the machine. The user has to prop open the door and use both hands to get water.
  • The single motor cooling system does not allow optimal air flow circulation and may not distribute cool air evenly across the bins
  • Most of the shelves are made of metal wires so you have to be careful in storing liquids inside the refrigerator.