Panasonic – NR.BU302 Vegerator Series Bottom-Mount-Freezer Refrigerator

BIO Odor Attacker – 296 litres

Being a vegetarian and always frustrated to see majority of the space in my refrigerator going waste for chilling and freezer compartments I was quite happy to see the Vegerator Series from Panasonic.

The best part of it is it’s conveniently located the most used portions on the top and less used in the bottom. It is like inverting the normal fridge with freezer on bottom and rest on the top so you don’t have to bend down every time you open the fridge for vegetables and other bulky items. It has a storage capacity of 296 L and comes with 2 doors. But the actual storage volume is less (232L).

The dimensions are 600x615x1550 mm W, H, D.

The Shelves are glass moulds which are quite strong and as per the spec they can take up to 100Kg weight (which I didn?t test though). For the frozen items the capacity is adequate for a vegetarian family of four as we only keep ice cream and for making ice cubes. Appearance wise looks cute with its fine finishing and smoothen edges though the door handle could be improved by placing a bit shorter handle. No dust grabbing curves on the backside and the magnetic strip, which closes the door, seems quite strong. The opening and closing of the door is quite good and ergonomically friendly as well.

It complies with the energy star rating of 3 sticks which supposedly saves about 20% electricity compared to similar capacity refrigerator. Technically it has ?Ag Ions? feature, which supposedly kills the bacteria and keeps food fresh for longer duration.

In summary below are the pros & cons I can think of

1. Ergonomically designed and most used items are on top
2. Less noisy and green

1. Slightly expensive
2. Looks tall and may not fit in small kitchens.