Samsung One-Door Freezer/Refrigerator Direct Cool (190 litre capacity)

This refrigerator is one of the best in its category of medium sized refrigerators. It has 190 litre capacity. The refrigerator design is unlike ordinary one – it features a glossy embroidery finish with rust free handle. It has 3 basic shelves made of high grade plastic material and a freezer compartment along with chiller.

It enables frost free operation and there is a knob to adjust the temperature settings and chillness. The chiller is an excellent feature – it has enough room for around 2 litres of milk packets, and few chocolates. The door comes with two racks for bottles and a vegetable box at the lower part.

The refrigerator comes with a fresh kit that absorbs odours present in the refrigerator thereby increasing the freshness of fruits and vegetables. The thing I like about my refrigerator is that is energy saving. Even if it runs for 365 days a year, it consumes only less than 1 unit of electricity per day which cost only less than $10 per year.

Also it operates stabilizer free since it has in-built stabilizer. This model comes with an attached base stand which is very useful when moving about the fridge anywhere in the house. The next thing is cleaning the refrigerator is quite easy.

I just have to turn the machine off for sometime, remove the shelves and vegetable box, wash it under running water and fix them back in no time. I like the ease of use of my refrigerator.

– Comes with a base stand
– Power saving

– Need to keep it constantly on
– The back side is not closed and is grilled which is unlike the new models