Samsung Platinum Side by Side Refrigerater (25.0 cu. ft.)

I bought Samsung platinum 25.0 cubic feet side by side refrigerator three years when I moved into my new house. It is a bigger refrigerator than my old one with features that I did not have before. Features include the side-by-side opening which makes it very convenient to take out or put in food to the refrigerator.

The water and ice dispensers are another great features that I truly enjoy using. These are the two pros that I found of this refrigerator. On the other hand, I thought I would get a signal telling me when the water filter replacement is due. However I have used it for three years and still using the same filter that came with the refrigerator.

The second cons about this refrigerator are that it makes enough noise especially at night when it is quiet and I can hear the machine noise from upstairs. The noise is even louder when the machine kicks in. These are the two things that I do not like about the refrigerator. In overall, I like this refrigerator because it has a lot of the features that I like including the water and ice dispensers, child protection lock on the front panel, etc.

The capacity is more than I used to have and is suffice for my needs. The platinum exterior appearance is attractive and goes great with the rest of my kitchen electrical appliances. The price was reasonable at that time which I bought it at Best Buy for about $1,200.

Bottom line I am glad that I bought this refrigerator and plan on using it until it dies.