Samsung RF266ABWP French Door Refrigerator (26 cu. ft.)

One would not think that shopping for a refrigerator could be complicated, and it is not if you choose the Samsung RF266ABWP because everything your family needs is included accept the food of course.

Over all this refrigerator has performed outstanding in all ways imaginable. The ability for the doors-sides ,and front of the fridge,(the ones most exposed to surface dirt) it magically resists hand prints etc.

Especially with little ones all ways smearing up the surface and leaving dirty fingerprints on the handles, this unit is remarkable at for lack of a better term “preventing’ smudges and smears on the surface. Easy clean up for stubborn messes when they do inevitably happen, but all in all remarkable for keeping the everyday common accidents to a minimum.

Although a little expensive for the average Joe the money is well spent as an investment in saving time, electricity, and storage.

It being energy efficient shows on the monthly electric bill after you have run it for awhile and you will see a noticeable decrease in energy usage. Most people that have ever owned any type of large appliance can relate to hearing a faint whir or buzz from a noisy fridge but let me tell you, if you were actually trying to find this unit in the night, in a darkened room, blindfolded relying solely on sound, you would never have a clue to its whereabouts, and probably would never find it the Samsung is That quiet compared to most refrigerators on the market nowadays.

– Remarkable stain resistance
– Abilty to filter water for drinking and ice maker get

– A little bit expensive Large for smaller kitchens