Samsung – RFG297AARS French-Door Bottom Refrigerator 29 cu ft

Energy Efficient
We bought the Samsung fridge about a year ago after our GE model died. It is the biggest fridge you will see today. Most fridges max out at 25 cubic feet, this fridge is 29 cubic feet. To put this in perspective, our kitchen has a standard size cut out for a fridge. Our 25 cu feet side-by-side GE had about an inch clearance either side and a couple of inches on the top. The Samsung has about a quarter inch all around.

It is a French door model with a bottom freezer. One of our gripes about the GE side by side was its inability to fit a frozen pizza in the freezer compartment. The Samsung has a special slot at the front of it’s freezer door specially for frozen pizzas! This is the kind of attention to detail that makes the Samsung such a good refrigerator.

It has all the normal sliding trays inside, and one of the doors can hold two gallons of milk. Like most of the newer French door models, it does have through door water and ice. Unfortunately the icemaker is probably the one weak point of the refrigerator.

When the freezer is on the bottom, the icemaker has to take space within the refrigerator section. By keeping the icemaker as small as possible, it maximizes the volume in the refrigerator, but obviously reduces the amount of ice available.

One of special features of the Samsung is the dual coolers, both the fridge and the freezer compartments have their own cooling mechanism, so that the refrigerator can run as efficiently as possible. All in all, we are very happy with this refrigerator.

1) One of the biggest refrigerator’s available.
2) Can fit frozen pizzas
3) Nice looking
$0 Good range of features

1) May not fit in your whole for your fridge.
2) Ice maker is not adequate for a family of five using ice all the time.