Siemens – KG33S310GB Refrigerator Dual Compressor

Duel-Compressor – Quick COol

Great fridge that you can set temperature on and perform a quick cool on for when you get the shopping back. This is great as it increases the cooling so that you food is chilled much quicker.

It also has two compressors, one for the fridge and one for the freezer so if one breaks you will not loose all your food. This also means that you can accurately set the temperature of each compartment.

The amount of space in both compartments is huge and it serves our 4 person family very well with enough space to spare if we have parties or more people coming over.
The freezer is not frost-free however this does not seem to be much of a problem as we just turn it off while we are on holiday and the frost melts and its good for another year.

The appearance of the fridge is good but it is all in white and not stainless steel like a lot of them these days. This isn’t all bad as the white goes better in my home and I believe there is another model in the Siemens series that has the stainless finish.

The pros of this is the two compressors so you can set the temperatures of each compartment and the size of it.

The cons are that because of the two compressors it is more expensive and due to the size it is bigger than most other fridges so may not fit were your last one did.