Stainless Steel Frigidaire (FPUS2686LF) Side-By-Side Dispensing Refrigerator 26 cu.ft.

Energy StarĀ® and Energy Saver Plus Cycle

The Side-By-Side FPUS2686LF refrigerator model from Frigidaire is the epitome of modernization with spacious storage spaces, side-by-side doors, and stainless steel finish.

It is also good to know that such a refrigerator also enables fresh, clean water and competent cooling all within the Energy Star standards.

The Frigidaire model is not only affordable to operate but also has a reasonable price tag.

    Main Key Features

  • The Side-By-Side FPUS2686LF offers ample storage space at 26 cubic feet.
  • The freezer has a 9.5 cubic feet capacity, which is ideal for storing plenty of frozen goods.
  • The model has two side-by-side doors and is encased in polished stainless steel.
  • The stainless steel finish is elegant and modern
  • The refrigerator boasts of large crisper drawers to store more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The crisper drawers have humidity controls that ensure prolonged freshness.
  • The FPUS2686LF produces cleaner and fresher-tasting water because of its superb filtration system.
  • The refrigerator is easy to operate, with the use of push buttons.
  • Performance lighting allows consumers to see all the contents in exceptional clarity.
  • Aside from being Energy Star-qualified, the appliance also has an energy saving cycle.
  • The refrigerator has SpillSafe shelves, which contain the messes and spills within the compartment where the spill occurred. This allows for easy cleanups.
  • With its Quiet Design, consumers can barely hear the humming associated with refrigerators and other appliances.
  • Its $1,300 plus to $1,700 plus price range is reasonable and affordable for the features that it offers.
  • The dispenser makes water, crushed ice, and cubed ice readily available.
  • The refrigerator has specialized shelves, such as the ice cream shelf and the pizza shelf.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth 33″
    Height 69-3/8″
    Width 36″ W
    Capacity 26 Cu. Ft


  • The Side-By-Side FPUS2686LF offers huge space for keeping fresher food items.
  • The humidity controls are the ones that make the big space worth it by truly preserving the freshness.
  • Even the water and ice are clean and fresh. The refrigerator model from Frigidaire operates in relative silence and with little energy required.
  • It is, as a whole, easy to clean with the help of spill-safe shelves and good divisions or compartments.
  • Pricing may be over a thousand dollars but it is still reasonable for a refrigerator of its size and capability.


  • There’s not much to complain about the Side-By-Side FPUS2686LF from Frigidaire.
  • The most that consumers can worry about is where to fit in this huge refrigerator.
  • The large storage space owes more to the huge frame than to true space-saving features.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • keeps fruits and vegetables fresh through humidity controls
  • dispenses fresh and clean water and ice
  • rust-free finish
  • elegant, polished look
  • large storage space
  • easy to clean
  • has professional lighting
  • operates with an almost imperceptible hum
  • Energy Star-qualified
  • saves energy through special cycle
  • reasonable priceCons
  • its bulky frame may not good for many kitchen setups
  • should have depended more on space-saving