Stainless Steel Kenmore (71013) Freezer on Bottom 3-Door (French Door) Refrigerator 25 cu ft

Energy StarĀ® (comes in ultra satin, bisque, black and white)

The Kenmore bottom freezer model 71013 is a stylish side by side and bottom freezer in stylish silver exterior and water dispenser. The unit features INTUITIVE CONTROLS and modern functions for convenient and ENERGY-EFFICIENT use.

    Main Key Features

  • ICE MAKING SENSORS and on and off switch allows you to make ice with ease. The ice sensor tells the unit that there is enough ice and shuts the ice making mechanism down.
  • ELECTRONIC TOUCH CONTROLS with digital display allows for convenient setting of programs. The exterior is located right out front for easy access.
  • The pantry is TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED and the storage bins are HUMIDITY CONTROLLED so that you get fresh fruits and vegetables all the time.
  • The unit comes with a 7.5 cu feet freezer, ample storage for food.
  • CLEAR CRISPERS and bins makes knowing what’s inside easier to do. The bins also roll out to make retrieving food such as fruits and vegetables very easy to do.
  • The SPILL PROOF GLASS SHELVING makes organization very easy and prevents spills from spreading to other shelves.
  • The unit is ENERGY STAR qualified which means you can save up to 20% in power bills, big savings in the long run.
  • The bottom freezer allows you to RETRIEVE ITEMS from the back of the freezer.
  • The ADJUSTABLE SHELVING is perfect for cooling food and drinks in tall containers.
  • There are 5 choices of color:-
    White (71012) Stainless Steel (71013) Bisque (71014) Ultra Satin (71016) Black (71019)

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth 31-3/4 in.
    Height 69-3/4 in
    Width 35-3/4 in
    Capacity 25 cu. ft.


  • One of the main advantages of this unit aside from the ENERGY SAVING features include the INTERIOR LIGHT which makes getting food in and out is the TILTING BASKET on the front which makes getting items easier.
  • The unit comes with an INTERNAL WATER FILTER and DISPENSER so you can do away with plastic water containers and save more space on the shelves. Getting water is easy even at night with the AUTOMATIC NIGHT LIGHT which is bright enough to help your make your way around the kitchen in the dark.
  • The WIDE DOORS are very convenient for getting stuff outside and in.
  • The stainless steel finish not only gives the unit an ELEGANT and VERY STYLISH look but PREVENTS FINGERPRINT smudges from being too noticeable.
  • The shelves are also very EASY TO CLEAN. There is a DISPENSER LIGHT and it comes with an automatic night light.


  • One of the most common complaints include drips from the water dispenser and OVER-FREEZING of the ice maker.
  • There is also NO DISPENSER LOCK OUT.
  • This is a TALL UNIT so this may not be suitable for those who have limited space in the kitchen.
  • The ice dispenser is also one of the features that make this unit VERY EXPENSIVE.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Automatic ice maker
  • Internal filter
  • Wide door with more space inside left door
  • Interior light and automatic dispenser night light
  • Water lock prevents the water container from overflowing
  • On/off switch to turn off the ice maker
  • Stainless steel model does not easily show fingerprint stains
  • Rolling bins for easy access to foodCons
  • Ice often forms on the automatic ice maker and makes the cubes hard to get out
  • Water tends to drip and overflow
  • May not be suitable for users with small kitchen space