Sub Zero – BI.42S Side by Side Stainless Steel Refrigerator-Freezer

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Refrigerator Section.
The internal capacity of the refrigerator is exceptional, with multiple ways to adjust glass shelving to accommodate your needs. This includes all components on the door that are adjustable, these units are a hard plastic material. There is a deli drawer located in the mid section of the refrigerator. It has an adjustable divider; I use one side for cold cuts and the other for cheeses. There are two generous size bins; one has a crisper for keeping vegetables fresh for a long period of time. The refrigerator maintains a 38 degree temperature and food stay fresh, very little spoilage, and the doors have an airtight seal.

The freezer section, also with the same air tight seal, is a bit narrower than the refrigerator section and has 3 adjustable shelves with 3 fixed drawers. The ice maker sits mid-freezer for easy access, I did not purchase the water filtration option.

The pros of this model are the amount of storage space and the temperature regulation. The air tight sealed doors, which actually pressurize upon opening and closing, ensure that your unit is working at an optimal level of performance.

The cons of this unit are the stainless steel surface and the narrow freezer space. My family is somewhat rough on the surface of the refrigerator and I have scratches, in addition I always have fingerprints and smudges?, so cleaning is constant. The freezer is a bit too narrow for my needs, as I entertain and like to prepare meals ahead of time and freeze.