The Samsung RT35Z Top-Freezer Refrigerator

This model was not the first choice I had I had inclination for the LG brands. But once I happened to see the online ad of this mean machine and I got impressed with the looks.

I purchased it and it is now 1 month and it seems to running fine. The compressor is noise free.

The refrigerator just looks stunning in my Kitchen.

It is very compact but looks very robust and well build. The price is value for money.

The electric bill is surely going to get cut due to the 5 star rating. It looks expensive to invest so much of money at one go but believe me the returns will be there within one year.

The cooling mechanism is very efficient. The overall quality of the insulation is such that it increase the efficiency of the machine.

The silver handle with the red body looks great.

The interior side of the refrigerator gives us many options to store different types of food articles like eggs, chiller for frozen food, the separate vegetable container to store the green vegetables and fruits fresh.

I was also told by the sales executive that the glass is made to take the weight up to 150 kg. Wow i cannot just imagine this to be true, well I know this very well that now a days most of the glass used in all the brands boast of the same weight carrying capacity but anyways I liked it.

I only hope that Samsung reduces the price by 10 % so that it can make people more inclined towards this product the two pros: looks and the 5 star rating the

price and the price!