Whirlpool (ED5FHAXVY) 25.3-cubic-ft Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser

Energy Star® – Monochromatic Stainless Steel Cabinet

This Energy-Star qualified refrigerator boasts several features that are designed for the consumers’ convenience. It features the In-Door-Ice® ice dispensing system and has Whirlpool’s special PuR® filtration system, which provides great-tasting ice and water. To make it both easy and fun to use there is a 4-button LCD dispenser.
There is a good range of adjustable door bins and the fully adjustable SpillGuard™ Shelves prevent those unpleasant spillages and save time on mopping up! There is a transparent humidity-controlled crispter which keeps food fresh for longer, an innovative temperature-controlled meat pan and a whole range of additional snack pans and bins for every occasion.
Not only does this model come with backlit slide controls and an adaptive defrost control system
Not only is this model offered in a Monochromatic Stainless Cabinet (ED5FHAXVY) as demonstrated but comes in two more exciting finishes :-
Monochromatic Satina (ED5FHAXVA)
Stainless Steel (ED5FHAXVS)

    Interior Features

  • With its PUR Filtration System this refrigerator designed to ensure that the water being dispensed is clean and also good-tasting.
  • The model also has an adjustable SpillGuard Shelves that ensures the water is not leaking on the floor and on the other areas.
  • The useful, In-Door-Ice Dispensing System that allows you to obtain ice the easy and effieicnt way.
  • Another feature of this refrigerator is the temperature-controlled Meat Pan that allows the preservation of the meat for a long time.
  • There is also the factory-installed Ice-maker that facilitates the production of ice faster than the standard ice makers of other refrigerators.

      Exterior Features

  • The model has a smooth door finish that adds to the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the unit.
  • This refrigerator has a class flat door styling that is really pleasing to look at.
  • The handle of this refrigerator is made of mid-length metal.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 33 3/4″

    Height: 69 3/4″
    Width: 35 1/2″
    Total volume: 25.3 cu. ft


  • The model dispenses ice-cool clear clean water.
  • With this model, you can ensure that the food stuff you stored in the refrigerator is kept fresh for a long time.
  • You can have clean ice in a jiffy with this model’s factory-installed ice-maker.
  • You don’t have to clean the spills on the floor or insiade the refrigerator with this model because of its SpillGuard Shelves.
  • The refrigerator also allows you to place and retrieve food items efficiently through its excellent lighting system.
  • The model has a very elegant and modern design. You are actually offered several choices. The units that whirlpool offer can make your kitchen look modern and sophisticated.
  • This model is Energy-star qualified which means this can help you reduce the amount of money you spend on your monthly bills.


  • This model doesn’t have the 6th Sense Temperature Management System to offer you an efficient way to control the temperature of the refrigerator.
  • It also lacks the door alarm system which is found in other models from Whirlpool.
  • The model is also a bit more expensive compared to other non-Whirlpool models.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • good lighting system
  • excellent ice-dispensing system
  • durable metal handle
  • keeps food items fresh for a long time
  • dispenses ice fast
  • prevents water spilling and leakage
  • modern and elegant design
  • stylish overall look
  • perfect for any type of kitchen interior
  • easy to install and use
  • features are very practical and easy to understandCons
  • lacks important features like the the 6th Sense Technology
  • no door alarm
  • a bit costly than other models
  • controlling the temperature is quite challenging with this model