Whirlpool -FC 32 (Maxigerator) Bottom-Mount Freezer-Refrigerator 310 liters gross volume

intelligent defrost control button

A very good refrigerator It comes with 310 liters gross volume and 280 liters storage volume.
The model name Maxigerator well describes, this refrigerator has a maximum capacity.
It has a 3 star power rating where as the cooling is good.
It has an intelligent defrost control button, but it will only control defrosting for certain extent.

In terms of bio fresh this one is good preserving the food items with odorless and fresh.
It has convenient 3 wired shelves with enough space to keep vessels.
It also has a Crisper with Humidity Control.

In terms of limitations, it has very bad base also at the time of defrosting.
The water from chiller and freezer will come outside or sometimes fall inside the refrigerator itself.
The lock is not that much good, even if it locked we can open it.

Some time It will give a hard sound when the compressor is running.
Also it has un detachable trays which is tough to clean with water.

In the overall performance in terms of cooling or ice making it is good to have, as the space is more we can place any big vessels inside the refrigerator.

The Deodorizing facility will remove the bad odors from the refrigerator. The Moisture or Humidity Control is working very well in this one.
The Door Open Alarm is a good one to say, if we don?t close the door for more than 30 seconds will be intimated with beep Inturn save power.
The wheel provision in the bottom of the refrigerator will help us to mobilize the unit easily and safely.

Also there is a dry storage box will help us to place dry items like onion, potato etc., which is not connected with the cooling units.

1.Size is huge to accommodate number of items
2. Deodorizing capability to remove bad smell or decomposing smell from the food items

Cons :
1. Appearance is not that much good.
2. The power rating is only
3 star out of 5 which can be improved.