Whirlpool Fusion-1 Top-Mount Refrigerator 0104 (230 liter capacity)

The refrigerator I am using is Whirlpool Fusion, a cute little one-door fridge. A special stand available with it is a useful one. To level the standing position of the refrigerator, we can adjust the legs given at the bottom of the refrigerator. It have a temperature control knob where as per the requirements and usage conditions, to make sure the food stays fresh for longer period of time.

The capacity of the refrigerator is 230 Ltr. The 6th sense frost control automatically defrosts and controls the level of frost in freezer which will increase the performance. It starts an automatic 6th sense door open alarm – a melodious chime; in my refrigerator, its the jingle bell music if the door is left open by mistake for 2 minutes to remind you about it, preventing the loss in cooling and saving electricity.

The Lemon ‘n Onion Box is the Fruits & Vegetable box is safe for storing half-cut vegetables and fruits preventing any odour. It got a egg holder (8 eggs can be kept) and 3 stands in the door side which is the bottle holders, and 3 stands in the main storage area. There is an option of making quick ice and a multipurpose chiller. Chiller provides fast cooling for soft drinks, water bottles, etc.

It can be also used to store the cheese, milk products and chocolates in closed containers. To increase the performance of your refrigerator, you can switch off the refrigerator 1 to 2 hours a day, it won’t decrease the freshness of the food inside.

– Good working refrigerator

– Only defect it have got now is the jingle bell music starts as soon as the door is opened. Maybe its
December now. Other than that, fit to our needs.