Whirlpool Icemagic (195 Liter capacity) Refrigerator

I bought this refrigerator 2 years before. As of today, I have not faced any technical faults with this. The cooling effect is so amazing, and I really satisfied that I spend my money for good things.

Main thing is, it consumes less power supply with high quality. The consumption of power supply is so less, when Comparing with other refrigerator.. Another thing is Cost.. There is no big deviation between other refrigerator’s cost.

The price is reasonable and worth. However, when I went the showroom for review, they treated all the customers in good manner.. Also they promised to provide good customer care services. I personally thanks to Whirlpool for giving such a great product and I would recommend this product to all others.

– Consumes less power supply with high quality
– Cheaper cost