White Kenmore (78094) Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator 19.7 cu ft (up to 20% Less Energy)

ENERGY STARĀ® (also comes in Black, Bisque and Stainless)

The Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator model 78094 is an ENERGY EFFICIENT refrigerator in bisque that features STYLISH DOOR contours and practical features like the INDOOR LIGHTING and CLEAR ADJUSTABLE BINS.

    Main Key Features

  • The unit comes with interior lighting composed of two bulbs for the fresh food compartments and one bulb for the freezer.
  • Organize your food and other produce with the ADJUSTABLE SHELVING which comes with raised sides to prevent the spread of spills. You also get a large amount of SPACE for your fresh food with the FOUR CLEAR BINS and FOUR ADJUSTABLE SHELVES, offering multiple shelving configurations.
  • No need to buy ice with the ice maker that comes installed in the unit. The AUTOMATIC ICE MAKER makes ice on demand.
  • The CONTROL are at front so users will find setting the programs easy to do, especially with the electronic touch with digital display.
  • The TWO SLIDE OUT SHELVES allow easy getting in and out of food and produce by sliding the shelves in and out.
  • The frozen food section also comes with this feature so you will have no trouble looking for frozen foods that are way at the back of the compartment, especially since the freezer is located on the bottom.
  • The fresh foods shelves are placed at EYE LEVEL which reduces the need to stoop when reaching down for fresh food.
  • The Kenmore 78094 comes with the ENERGY STAR seal which means you get to save 20% of power and water with this unit.
  • The SPECIALTY STORAGE available is made of clear material so that you can see what’s inside. The STORAGE BINS are large and are designed to keep fruits and vegetables crispy.
  • The AUTO DEFROST feature melts the ice when too much build up is present.
  • The pantry with HUMIDITY CONTROLLED CRISPERS are best for keeping food fresh and crispy. This is partly due to the advanced air flow system.
  • The CONTOURED DOOR freezer comes with a smooth finish which adds to the elegance of the unit.
  • This Kenmore 7809 model is offered in a total of 4 alternative colors :-
    White (78092) Stainless Steel (78093) Bisque (78094) Black (78099)

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth 32-1/8 in.
    Height 67-7/8 in.
    Width 29-7/8 in.
    Capacity 19.7 cu. ft.


    One of the main advantages of this unit is that it comes with the ENERGY STAR seal. The Energy Star seal means that you can get about 20% power of savings compared to savings you get with other units without the energy star seal.

  • ACCESSIBILITY is also one of the better advantages of this unit. You can easily access the contents located at the back of the freezer because it is located at the bottom. The inside compartments are also very EASY TO CLEAN.


    The BISQUE COLOR may be boring for certain buyers and some of the shelving can frost up pretty quickly so you can’t see what’s inside.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Easy to locate foods with the frozen food section located at the bottom in a slide out shelve
  • Shelves are easy to clean and with the spill proof feature, it confines spills on one shelf
  • Energy Star seal saves up to 20% on power and water
  • Unit comes with a stylish aluminum handleCons
  • Bisque color may be boring
  • Clear glass bins tend to frost over easily