White LG (LSC27914SW) Side-By-Side (flush-mounted dispenser) Refrigerator cu ft 26.5 cu ft

Fixed and Adjustable Door Baskets : Multiple Drawers : IcePlus Slide-out Shelving

This LG side by side refrigerator comes in CLASSIC WHITE and features a Flush-Mounted Water and Ice Dispenser that is integrated into the refrigerator door.

The stylish Monochromatic Design makes this unit perfect for those looking for a simple yet SLEEK APPLIANCE to go well with a minimalistic kitchen. The contoured doors and hidden hinges add to the minimalistic look.

    Interior Features

  • The unit comes with a TALL Ice And Water Dispenser in an INTEGRATED DESIGN adding to the modern and sleek look of the unit.
  • This model comes with a water and ice dispenser that is located OUTSIDE on the door for easy access. It also eliminates the need for using plastic water bottles and ice trays that occupy SPACE inside.
  • The WATER FILTER is one feature that considerably improves the taste of the water aside from filtering impurities. The unit also comes with an INDICATOR LIGHT which tells you if the filter needs changing.
  • The model also comes with an INSTALLED ICE MAKER and ice bin. The ice bin holds the ice so you can get ready-made ice anytime.
  • Users can opt for the QUICK CHILL FEATURE, perfect for melted ice cream.
  • The LG side by side LSC27914SW can be controlled using ELECTRONIC DIGITAL TOUCH PADS that are placed on the front for your convenience. The accompanying LCD display retells you all vital information such as temperature levels and other refrigerator functions.
  • GALLON DOOR BIN is perfect for storing gallons of milk and is conveniently located behind the door for easy and quick access.
  • The LG side by side model also features SPILL PROOF GLASS SHELVING that prevents spills from spreading to the other shelving compartments. This feature is composed of Multiple Glass Shelves with widened outer rims that are very EASY TO CLEAN.

      Exterior Features

  • The contoured doors and hidden hinges give you a stylish unit that is very functional and practical.
  • You can also choose among three premium finishes: Stainless Steel (LSC27914ST) Smooth White (LSC27914SW) and Smooth Black (LSC27914SB) all with horizontally brushed lines on the Stainless Steel models for a brighter and more ATTRACTIVE FINISH.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth 35 5/16″
    Height 69 3/4″
    Width 35 3/4″
    Capacity 26.5 cu.ft.


  • One of the main advantages is the ENERGY COSTS you get to save with this unit. With the energy star seal you get to save at least 20% of energy compared to other units.
  • Its STYLISH FINISH also makes it a preferred model in modern kitchens. The unit comes with the most Useful and Practical Features and has very little of the extra bells and whistles that will not be used by the average family.


  • One of the disadvantages is that crisper Humidity Levels CANNOT be Controlled. However, most vegetables stay fresh for a few days.
  • The unit also does NOT come with Dual Cooling Systems and Multiple Air Flow System. The unit comes with a standard design with ONE COOLING SYSTEM which provides less than superior performance compared to dual cooling systems.
  • The cold air is also NOT Evenly Distributed with the lack of the multiple air flow system.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • energy saver
  • easy to clean
  • stylish and modern designCons
  • humidity in the crispers cannot be controlled
  • no dual cooling system
  • no multiple air flow system