White Westinghouse Top-Mount Refrigerator WWTR1502KW

I got my refrigerator two years ago; I chose the brand because our family always had a Westinghouse in the house, for the past 30 years. And I must say, this brand holds up very well its reputation against the test of time, and it’s nice to have a worry-free appliance in our home.

Sentimental reasons aside, cool features (pun intended) such as starch-free operation, the possibility to install the door for opening the refrigerator on either direction (left or right), rust-resistant glossy white finish, and low power consumption, make me a loyal customer to White-Westinghouse for the years to come. This model sports two separate areas, which are so convenient: the freezer section, and the cooler section.

Both sections have individual controls to set how cool, (or frozen), the items will remain. On the freezer section, starch free design works like a charm; on the cooler section, a well designed air flow system keeps vegetables and fruits cool and fresh. Five removable trays make cleaning the interior a breeze.

All the doors have rubber bands to protect edges from bumps. Four plastic mini legs keep the base from contact with the floor, a humble feature that proved to be useful to prevent rust formation on the base. The compressor is reasonable silent, and the electrical cable is sturdy, keyed, and grounded to provide additional security.

I’m still running all the original parts, but replacements are readily available at our local Authorized service center. Although perfection is elusive, high on my wish list are a stronger hinge mechanism, and bigger capacity on the freezer section. Perhaps, in five years, when I’ll search for a new Westinghouse, those will be a nice refinement to an already excellent product.

– long life, maintenance free for years
– reversible doors, easy installation

– somewhat limited capacity of the freezer section
– door hinges could be stronger