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Vissani 52 Bottle Wine Cooler, Black MVWC52B 
I bought this wine cooler because 12 bottles is just not enough for me to have. Some people would think that 52 bottle is overkill but I think it’s …

Avanti EWC1201 Not rated yet
I’ll have to return this unit as it gets too hot for a recessed application.

I had our cabinets made to fit this unit, then discovered its not for recessed …

Danby ‘Silhouette’ Duel Zone DWC2727BLS LARGE Executive Wine Cellar 166-Bottles (Black with Stainless) Not rated yet
This top of the range Executive Wine Cellar is Danby’s largest cooler, with a capacity to store up to 166-bottles of your favorite wine. The DWC2727BLS …

GE® Wine Cooler or Beverage Center (Gray Glass Door with Silver Accents) GVS04BDWSS 4.1 cu ft  Not rated yet
With the GE WINE Cooler / BEVERAGE Center, the GVS04BDWSS have the ultimate in FLEXIBLE wine and can cool storage. With the capacity to store 31 bottles …

GE Profile (57-Bottles) Stainless-Steel Wine Center (PCR06WATSS) 5.3 cu ft  Not rated yet
This is one of the LARGER Whirlpool wine coolers that is manufactured by Danby with a total capacity of 57-bottles, with a cubic capacity of 5.3 cu ft. …

GE “Profile” Deluxe Wine Center 29-Bottle Capacity 4.3 cu ft PWR04FANBS Not rated yet
One of the limited range of GE Wine cooler-refrigerators, the Freestanding PWR04FANBS is a Deluxe wine center from the “Profile” range and is and extremely …

Avanti WC30SSR – 30 Bottles Built-In Wine SIngle-Zone Wine Cooler ADA-Compliant Not rated yet
This SLIM look sophisticated black and stainless Avanti WC30SSR wine cooler, is a SINGLE ZONE unit which stores up to 30 bottles of wine.
It is styled …

Avanti SWC1600M-1 – SUPERCONDUCTOR 16 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler  Not rated yet
With a capacity to store 16 Bottles of Wine the Avanti SWC1600M-1 is a SINGLE ZONE Wine Cooler that has been designed with Avanti’s SUPER-CONDUCTOR HEAT-PIPE …

Avanti EWC8TV – 8 Bottles Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Not rated yet
The SMALLEST Single-Zone Wine Cooler from Avanti is their 8-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler. Two of the bottles stand upright in the door while the rest …

Wine Enthusiast (272 03 18) Silent 18-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator  Not rated yet
The Wine Enthusiast wine cooler is a pretty cool little machine to keep your wine cool and well preserved .

This model will hold 18 bottle in two …

Subzero 315 Wine Cooler 26 bottles (Glass Door/Stainless) (400 Series) Not rated yet
I chose this model wine cooler for my bar because I have been so pleased with my sub zero side by side refrigerator. I really believe in the brand, as …

Danby DWC1233BLSC 13″ Countertop Wine Cellar with 12-Bottle Capacity Not rated yet
The Danby 12-bottle thermoelectric wine cooler is a compact little wine fridge that comes with a few features and a sleek design. It holds up to twelve …

GE Wine Center Glass and Stainless PWR04FANBS (29 Bottle Capacity)  Not rated yet
Our wine cooler came with our loft when we bough it back in 2003-2004 and we didn’t have much say in which model to get.

As a matter of fact this is …

Danby (50 Bottle_ Built-In Wine Cooler Refrigerator – Stainless Steel Door Not rated yet
The Danby Silhouette DWC512BLS wine refrigerator

Nothing really compares to my favorite item in my house that is my wine refrigerator. You really need …

NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler AW-280E (28-bottle capacity) Not rated yet
New Air 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler (Model AW-280E)
My husband is a big wine aficionado, so for his birthday last year I purchased the New Air …

Danby DWC166BLSRH Built-in Wine Refrigerator Fridg (Stores Up to 166 Bottles of Wine) Not rated yet
As an avid wine connoisseur I definitely want my wine fridge to exceed my expectations. That is precisely what my Danby DWC166 has done for me every step …

Wine Enthusiast – Silent 12 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator (Ultra-Quiet Thermoelectric Cooling) Not rated yet
Exterior digital touchscreen with display
I purchased a Wine Enthusiast 12 bottle refrigerator in July after scouring the internet for reviews of other …

Viking VUWC141FLS Stainless Professional Series 24″ Undercounter or Freestanding Wine-Cooler  Not rated yet
I bought my wonderful and amazing Wine Refrigerator that is – Viking Wine Refrigerator VUWC141FLSS about four months ago.

The refrigerator is performing …

EuroCave Dual Zone 290 “Professional Series” Wine Cellar (up-to-162-bottles_ Not rated yet
For those who like sipping wine with family and friends, having an exclusive unit around in the house to maintain the bottles in good shape is almost necessary. …

Emerson FR24SL Stainless Steel 8-Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator with Thermal Glass Door  Not rated yet
I have owned this wine refrigerator for nearly two years now. It is a good product and a good value for the price of $80. It is not very heavy and is simple …

Haier Designer HVB050ABH Black/Silver Wine Cooler Refrigerator – 50 bottles capacity  Not rated yet
This model is very sleek and stylish as per today?s products and capacity is to contain approx 50 Bottles . This model is perfect for both red and white …

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Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide

If you love collecting wine and you need proper storage for your collection, buying a wine refrigerator will no doubt suit you best. Unless you have a space in your home which you can convert into a wine cellar, a wine refrigerator will surely be a good second option.

This guide is aimed at helping you choose the right refrigerator and coolers for your favorite wines, so you’ll always have something to serve for your guests during planned parties or impromptu house dinners.

Different Types Of Wine Refrigerators And Their Key Features

There are different types of wine refrigerators, and each differ from one another through their features. Before rushing out to buy a new refrigerator for your reds or sparkling whites, it is best to get to know first about the different types of wine refrigerators in the market.

Free Standing

The free standing wine refrigerator resembles any ordinary refrigerator except that it is actually a wine cabinet designed to cool wines and other spirits. The free standing type of wine refrigerator is actually highly flexible, as this can be placed in the kitchen, at a home bar, or even in storage areas like the basement. Since the free standing model is easier to move around, they are generally convenient and cost-effective as well. If you don’t plan to have a built-in wine cooler at home, this free standing is an excellent choice.

Built In Wine Refrigerator

The built-in wine refrigerator is ideal for you if you don’t plan on moving your wine refrigerator from its oiginal location. The built-in variety is also ideal if you want a more cohesive look for your kitchen or if you want your cabinetry to match your kitchen appliances. Since these refrigerators have their own ventilation systems, there is no concern for overheating, even if they are pushed against the wall surface for that built-in look. One advantage to the built-in wine refrigerator is its space-saving design, making it ideal even for cramped spaces. This type can be expensive however so it is best to look into your budget first before making a purchase.

Countertop Wine Cooler

Countertop wine coolers are not merely suitable for countertop placement; they may also be placed underneath a cabinet or on top of one. This is due primarily to their compact size. Since these feature-packed coolers are smaller in size, they are usually less expensive too. If you have a smaller budget and you don’t need an oversized cooler to house your humble wine collection, a countertop wine cooler is suitable choice.

Single Bottle Wine Cooler

A single bottle wine cooler utilizes a sleeve meant to replace an ordinary ice bucket when cooling a bottle of wine. This cooler is meant to be placed and freezed in a refrigerator for hours, cooling a bottle of wine once it is slipped on. Although it will only cool one wine bottle at a time, it is nevertheless a more economical choice if you don’t want to spend for a wine refrigerator.

Basic Features To Look For

Wine coolers and wine refrigerators have various features and are available in different sizes as well. Choosing which features to go for will ultimately depend on your specific need. A restaurant will need coolers that can accommodate hundreds of bottles however for your home a wine refrigerator that can cool up to 10 or 12 bottles at a time is fine.


Insulation features are important in maintaining constant temperature, so if you’re buying a wine refrigerator, you might want to check whether the unit has excellent insulation or if it has glass panes that help maintain uniform temperature.


The capacity of the wine refrigerator also needs utmost consideration. As already mentioned, there are coolers designed specifically to hold hundreds of bottles, anywhere from 900 to 2000 bottles at a time. This is especially useful for restaurants where hundreds of bottles need to be stored all at once. Since the size of the cooler is usually dictated by its capacity, you might also want to check whether you have ample space on your counter, in the bar, or in any place where you plan on installing your wine refrigerator.

Temperature Control

Temperature control features are also important when shopping for a wine refrigerator. You will want to make sure that the cooler or refrigerator is able to accomodate both reds and whites, especially if you enjoy both of these wine varieties. There are dual-zone refrigerator models which allow you to chill both red wine and white wine to their ideal temperatures.

Other Factors To Consider When Buying A Wine Refrigerator

There are less expensive and more expensive models of wine refrigerators so when buying, making price considerations will help you from going overboard on your budget, and will help you find the right cooler or refrigerator with all the right features.

Making Some Price Considerations

If you want a good-quality wine refrigerator with all the right features then you have to be prepared to pay a little extra. Most of the higher-priced refrigerators have better features, including special glass panels that help maintain more consistent cooling, better shelving design, and a bigger capacity. If you plan on placing the wine refrigerator in an area where temperatures are bound to fluctuate, you might want to invest in these higher priced models.

The Exterior Design

There are wine refrigerators designed to look like furniture while there are those that have a more modern stainless steel finish. Choosing the exterior design for your wine refrigerator will ultimately depend on whether you want a customized finish that will match the rest of your cabinetry or if you want a trendier, more polished look.

For some people a wine cooler may be nothing more than a luxurious appliance, however if you have a good wine collection or if you have enough budget for a good-sized unit, choosing the right model will surely be a worthy purchase. From serious wine collectors to the average gourmet cook with a humble wine collection, a wine refrigerator will surely be one of the most useful appliances to have around the home or in a restaurant.

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